Addon: Alarm and Shutdown (update from 12.04.20) Now with Telegram and Viber notifications!

Wow, I really didn’t expect someone except me still using it :))
I might consider to rewrite it from scratch, since many things have changed in Blender’s API

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By the way, any help from linux developers who knows how to properly shutdown/restart a computer within python from Blender will be much appreciated

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After 5 years, I’ve updated it to 1.1, finally! :rofl:

  • Most noticeable change - you now have an ability to set your own sound file in addon preferences

  • Also user interface updated to be more accurate and in terms with Blender 2.8 “vertical fashion”

  • “Save render at completion (for still renders)” feature was removed. Instead I suggest you to use Auto Save Render addon, or simply set scene frame range to one frame and hit Render Animation

You can get it for free at Gumroad. Both for Blender 2.79 and 2.8 beta
P.S. The addon was tested on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18

Happy Blending!


And here is another update, to v1.2 beta.
New feature - automatic e-mail notification on render completion event.
Short video instruction on how to use it

Text version also avaliable on my web site:

Get it on gumroad


Thank very much for this addon, will try this and reply :slight_smile:

Hi Sergey,

This is exactly the addon I was looking for but the addon doesn’t appear in the addon list after selecting the py file for Blender 2.8 ;-(

I’m using Blender 2.81 and this is what I got in the console:

Modules Installed () from ‘C:\Users\sdob\Documents\Blender files\Addons\alarm_and_shutdown\’ into ‘C:\Users\sdob\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons’

Any idea why?


Make sure, that the whole folder “alarm and shutdown” (and not just .py file) is in your /scripts/addons/ directory

Hi Sergey,

I tried your suggestion but that didn’t help. But what did help was the following:

  1. extract the rar file
  2. renaming the file ( to befo
  3. preferences > install > browse to the renamed py file

Thanks again for making the addon available!


Um… no, it wont work this way, even though it’ll show in addons list.
Don’t use “install” button within blender. Just put the contents of the archive in a separate folder in your /scripts/addons. You dont have to rename anything!

Should look like this. This addon is a module (folder with inside), not a single .py file

Alarm and shutdown v1.3 is out now! Now with Telegram and Viber notifications!
New in version v1.3

First off, version 1.3 is now much more easier to setup and have more options regarding notifications.

• Long awaited feature – notifications via popular messenger apps is finally here! Now, aside from emails, you can get notified via Telegram and Viber.

• Linux version is now supports Sleep shut-down type

• Linux support was improved. Shut-down now works in Debian as well.

• Email setup is now requires to fill only one field instead of that user/password/smtp/port/ttl jibber jabber. Just set up your inbox address and you good to go. Multiple addresses (up to 3) are now supported!

• Also, new original notification sounds replaced previous ones. It’s mostly due to legal reasons, but the ability to set up your own jingle is still here.

• Minor change: checkbox that enables notifications and shut-down timer in addons’ panel header now doesn’t save its’ state. It is convenient to prevent accidental shut down action when you render your scene next time and forgot to disable Alarm and Shutdown

• Countdown until shut-down now displayed in the status bar.

• Email message is now formatted as an HTML text. Looks dandy.