Addon: Alarm and Shutdown (update from 20.01.19) Now with Email Notifications

Hi everyone!
I’d like to share with you my little addon, which allows you to set sound alarm, shutdown your computer and send an email notification at render completion.
Versions for both Blender 2.79 and 2.8 beta avaliable.
Tested it on Ubuntu 18 and Windows 10
Here is a really quick explanation of how it works

UPDATED at 20.01.19
Get it for free at Gumroad

My email: [email protected]



Nice work. I just don’t need it when i am at home or office, but i’d like to be notified when away so…
Q: Is it possible to integrate notification via e-mail or skype, fb, viber…? Any plan?

(w7 x64)
Congrats & Thanks.

A few people have already requested this feature, so i’m thinking of implementing. First of all though i need to add support for linux and os x

Thanks for that addon, will undoubtedly be a great help to all

Some crucial bugs fixed.
Added volume controll.
Basic auto-save for still renders implemented.
And finally - shutting down should work now on Unix systems

Links for download:

Excellent! and Cool Addon! :]

wow nice addon thanks really useful

CRITICAL update.
Due to my mistake previous version of the addon won’t work properly with blender other than 2.70. Now it’s fixed! Links are in first post.

Its name is Growl notifier here:

The notification style option simply allows you to choose from two different notification types, which I’ve named Desktop and Email for convenience, as that’s what I use them for, but you can set them to notify them any way you like using Growl’s preferences.

thanks! it’s a very important addon for artist.

Bug fixed when no proper sound plays if installed via “install from file” button.
Bug fixed when no sound plays for reopened scene where alarm enabled

This is for sure great addon!
But I am using blender 2.71 on Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon and shutdown or restart is not yet working.

Any idea?

Any experiences on Linux systems?
On my Mint17 alarm is working, but I can’t get to run shutdown and restart. No error or warning it simply does nothing.

Any idea how to get it run?

Hi @Sergusster,

Your nice add-on don’t run with my blender 2.72 on Vista 32b SSE2, only a wong os system beep, not music???

Wow finally ! Thank you !

One problem with this script on LInux is that it uses “sudo”, from within a GUI-driven program. That won’t work, because sudo needs keyboard input. Might try “gksudo”, but of course, that will leave the program waiting for input!

So basically although Alarm and Shutdown is a great addon it seems like it stops working on Linux when used with a sudo command as it is waiting for input. Is it possible for this to be patched? I think that’s not that hard to patch and also that this is going to make it a bit more reliable. Another bug that I found was basically the checkbox that is supposed to save the image makes the addon not to work and so you have to uncheck that and do that at the node editor. Which although doesn’t take more than 1 min it can be frustrating for some. Once again despite it being a great addon I believe that with these minor bugs fixed this addon could really shine.


This is definitely a cool addon (and one that I have recommended) but that I believe can be massively improved with some minor bug fixes such as;

  • When called with a sudo command on linux the Addon stops working as sudo needs keyboar dinput. (Like David Chipman correctly pointed out)
  • When checking the checkbox to save the image once rendering the scene. The addon doesn’t work at all so you basically have to manually add a node to automatically save the image once done and leave the checkbox unchecked. Which although only takes about 5 seconds for an intermediate user it may cause frustration to many. Personally I had to play around to find out what was causing the addon not to work.

To sum up I believe that this addon has great potentional and by fixing those minor bugs it can be massively improved.

Other than that. The addon is pretty neat.

Just to say thank You so much Sergusster. It’s a so essential addon!

Same problem here: Windows 10, Blender 2.79, and except for sleep they don’t work. I’m in school and I’d really need this addon, besides the fact that this will be a hugely helpful thing even when I finish my studies. Any ways to fix it?