[Addon] Animation Automaton Renderer - Sprite rendering - v1.2.2

This add-on automates rendering sprite animation by setting proper frame, rotating main object in specified directions and saves rendered frames in folder structure: save_path / animation_folder_name / direction_folder_name (if there is more than one enabled directions) / frame_name. Also it have option to preview animation by cycling through frames defined for it. Should work with any renderer (tested with Blender Render and Cycles).

Source-Code: https://github.com/My-Key/AnimationAutomatonRenderer



  • Add new preview option - “Once”
  • Add new custom icon to “Ping-pong” preview
  • Add support to ser visibility layers per animation
  • Fix laggy preview with some constraints by going to frame twice if this option is selected

This is my first serious addon developed to improve my workflow on Vikings Gone Wild (guy from video is one of the hereoes). Later it was partialy rewritten and greatly improved for CG Cookie Add-on contest - it even got honorable mention :smiley:
And now with bit more improvements I release it to the public :slight_smile:

If you have any requests, suggestions or bug reports please write here or directly to me.

Happy Blending! :smiley:

New version 1.2.2! Check main post.

This is a really good addon, thanks! :slight_smile:

one feature that would be super useful is the ability to automatically crop empty space in frames

Thanks! :smiley:

You mean autocrop each image separately or all images to same size?