[Addon] Animation Panel 0.5 update 18.03.2014

This my first Addon in Blender, but I’m very happy to make first step to finish.:smiley: Why Animation Panel?
I want to have all tools that I use on one Tool Shelf. The code is very simple, I’m not a programmer, but still does the job and helps me.

Blender Animation Panel 0.4 work on only in: POSE MODE

github code
github zip
AnimationPanel.zip (5.7 KB)

Add Extra Panel:
-Ghost Object
-Move & Delete Keys AP 0.3
-Bone Snap Location, Rotation, Location&Rotation AP 0.4
-Bone Groups List to UI AP 0.4
-Pose Library to UI AP 0.4
-Shape Keys in ObjectMode to UI AP 0.4

-Category for Blender 2.7 Animation Panel’ 0.5

Please enjoy and comment.

Thank for everyone who help me(liero,CoDEmanX) to finish! :]

Very useful and just in time I have to make an animation job. Thank you!

Just to know that if ‘’ right click save as ‘’ in your link the downloaded file doesn’t work. You must open GitHub page go to Raw and then save from there to work. Don’t know why.
Thanks again.

@bls thx for your comments. I think it’s possible to add Download button, but I can find this options.

One of the very reason that I have suggested to addon writers to NOT use github or svn. Not all of the people here know how to use such things. A zip file hosted somewhere on the net is much easier

Ok. I add link to zip file. :slight_smile:

I like it! Thanks! floo!

@Nefzen you welcome. :wink:

Animation Panel update to 0.2

Animation Panel 0.3 done! :] thx for liero!

Animation Panel update to 0.4. Add Bone Snap Location, Rotation, Scale in Pose Library

UPDATE: Add Category for Blender 2.7 Animation Panel’

Nice plugin. So this panel adds like a shortlist of your main animation tools for pose animation?

@Draise Yes, This addons helps me to concentrate on work faster in the pose animation.

Dang that looks complicated. Is there an auto-walk feature in all that code?

@Atom No… :slight_smile: I’m not a programmer, but this really help me work on full screen. Many things is not complicated and user use this all the time. But why not share this? :eek:
I don’t need “auto-walk” to made some walk animation. But you are better know how to made this tools better? Right?

Don’t lose your time, do it! :evilgrin: