[Addon] another camera-matcher script

creates handles to an object
with these handles you can align the object to a photograph

here is a short video:


in the video i use a plane and align it to the floor, but in fact you can use any kind of topography if you have a counterpart of this topographie on the photograph.

For matching you need at least 3-handles.
The script doesn’t estimates the focal length.

Link to the script (last entry in the Thread):


Quite a useful little script. I wonder why it hasn’t been noticed before. Of course, blam is also there. There seems to be a bit of a lag after moving the handles but maybe that’s just my old computer.

where did you find the script ? I get a 404 error on that link.

Edit : blendpolis is down for some time… But yes, nice script I wonder why it had no reply too …

I hope it is still in blendpolis when it is up again. This seems like a nice alternative to BLAM

looks like a great helper.
Blendplois seems to be down. Could you share your script via pastall etc?

thx in advance

I got the script last week when blendpolis was still working. I hope it comes back soon, or flashnfantasy puts the script up somewhere else.

The link does not work someone can 'put the file to download?
thanks :wink:

As seen in your video, setting the right orientation appears to be tricky at times:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnw2jpHGXoY#t=02m24s (2:24)

Do you think you could provide a hotkey for such situations to correct it?

Maybe consider uploading this to Py Scripts tracker?