[addon] Automatic UVProjection (camera projection)

Hi. This is my first addon. Automatic UVProjection is oriented to Camera Mapping projects.
when I have updates, I will be editing this post.

It is not perfect, but it facilitates and improves very much the camera mapping in blender.
If someone wants to modify it or to improve it he can share it with us here: https://github.com/zebus3d/UvProjection

Sorry for my bad English.

a short video(tutorial) on how to use it would be nice also. :slight_smile:

ok Cool will try it.

Yes. I’m working on a video demostration :slight_smile:

This is really nice, however…
could you make it so that it only projects to the view, right now it projects to both sides… (through the object)

would be nice to have a feature to only project to visible faces pointing at camera)
occlude back faces.

looks cool but…what exactly does it do??
sorry for my ignorance…

You a pic a source image and UV “projects from View” onto your object
in the texture UV settings you can then move and resize the image as needed…

IMHO its basically just a time saver to UV wrapping the real way(lets hope we get ptex soon)

Short video demostration… http://youtu.be/fekGe_kMx_k?hd=1


People need to know that that addon automatically sets up your material as
“shadeless”, so uncheck it if you want full control over Color and spec, etc…

Oh, Also make in the “n” panel under “display” you have GLSL selected
and have viewport shading set to textured
this way you can see the texture on the model realtime, then when you
change the Mapping size/location in the texture UV panel you can see it…

this is a cool addon… however… this method is better imho,
and people should be aware of the differences…


the way in the tutorial you actually have a UV’s map that you can edit and manipulate.
so… IF you Need the back of the model to different than the front for instance you need to use the
blendtuts tutorial method… if it doesnt matter you can use the script… for if you need to edit out
something in the image or paint onto it etc the blendtuts method is better…
Again… we cant get ptex fast enough. im tired of uv unwrapping, seams and all that nonsense

My script is not oriented to texture single objects, but rather to the camera projection technique.

Ofuscado any video? I cant imagie what your addon makes.
I will try it later…


Updated post and release version. Minimal changes, one handler for camera is added.

I see an idea of making it capable of using a video or image sequence and update that each frame.
Very nice addon.

Try to load a video instead of an image, it works well.
Tested using a “.avi” :slight_smile:

Has been released UVProjection v14 now.
Important changes: Restructured code, and buttons/functions…

Download addon: https://github.com/zebus3d/UvProjection

short video explication in spanish:

I think you can understand
Sorry for my bad English

I have updated/rewritten part of source code. And make backups for uv maps existents… May in the future try multiple projectors.

Sorry for my bad English