[Addon] Autoproxy

Hello !
Autoproxy is an addon helps the blender animators to reduce unnecessary work, it automatically makes proxies with some useful changes.
the original concept is by Daniel Salazar, you can see his demo here :

I’ve only transform it into an addon with some minor changes, I had fun writing the code.
I’m not a developer nor a professional coder, for me, you might find that the addon isnt professionally written, but its working, and that what matters lol.

As far as I know the blender proxy system is going to change, so I dont think this addon will live for ever, but at least its useful for now.
here is a small video for the Addon:

list of things that the Autoproxy does:

  • Loading in pose mode.
  • The armature proxy’s transformations are locked and cleared.
  • The Dupli character is unselectable.
  • Relationship lines are disabled.

I’ll be definitely using the adon in my workflow, hope you like it, I would be happy if you test it, and give some feedback, and sorry if I made any mistake.

you can download the addon here :

Have fun!

Note: the addon is located in the Spacebar search, and it only affect the selected proxies. (quick tip: you can select everything then activate it, and it’ll work).

And make sure you have an armature in your linked group, if you have more, the first one alphabetically is the one that’s gonna be the proxy armature.

This sort of thing should have been in blender years ago!