[Addon] Backface hiding

Is it possible to keep selection and extend selection?

P.S. I’ll pray some day it will be possible to turn on select through backfaces…and do not select backfaces.

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it’s on the todo list but I’m so freaking busy these days I can’t promise to do it anytime soon.
If someone wants to have a look at the code and do a PR you are very welcome.

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Awesome tool!
Thank you for 2.79 version)

To give an update on the situation, I must say I have a bit lost motivation to work on this one because I find my fundamental approach to this tool to have poor performance and usability potential. Also, since I have several and more urgent projects, I’d strongly recommend using Draw-Xray rather than waiting for an update on backface hiding.

That said if someone wants to pick up the project, I’d be happy to explain how the code works and what plans I had to improve it if asked to.


Anyway, it is nice realization)
Thank you for this approach.

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Also want to mention that it is a nice solution for popular select visible faces task.

Like those

How do you think?

Indeed, when X-ray view is disabled, Blender’s rectangle and lasso selection tools are screen-based, which means if a face is smaller than a pixel, it will not be selected, which is pretty much never intended by the user. I assume the reason is that it is faster to compute than a screen-agnostic way of selecting, otherwise I wouldn’t see any reason to have programmed it this way.

The first button of my add-on (hide backfacing) might help solve that issue since it is based on the face normal and independent of the face’s size on the screen.
On the other hand, the second button (hide occluded) literally performs a rectangle selection without X-ray so it will not help in that situation.

In 2.93 I have a problem. Every time I start blender - hotkeys disappears.
Need manually hit “Add Hotkeys” button in addon settings.

Sorry, I can’t work on this add-on anymore. Once again, if anyone wants to take the torch, say the word and I transfer it to you.
Also, I think it’s high time backface culling gets a proper native implementation, so please boost that RightClickSelect feature request that by now has been quadruplicated :

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I am sorry to hear that this add-on is floating now but can someone tell me how to correct the code ?
I hope it is just one line I have to change, line 132.

If I understand correctly, you need to change line 49 in operatorsList.py for
bmesh.update_edit_mesh(d) just without ‘True’ argument

Ok I have tried editing: `bmesh.update_edit_mesh
Now the error changed ;p

Even if it didn’t solve, I just want to say thank you @APEC for trying to help :smiley:

I just tested and it works for me without ‘True’ argument - no errors…
Did you restart Blender after the change?

Would you mind sending your version that works to me ?

old 0.4 version for Blender 3.0.0
BackfaceHiding_3.0.zip (14.8 KB)


Thank you thank you THANK YOU Sir :smiley: @Apec

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