[Addon] Bevel Curve Tools (now works with Blender 2.8)

Hello all!

Bevel Curve Tools is addon for easily create, edit, and convert bevel object for curve. I mainly created this for my sculpting purpose, but it can be useful for anything else. You can see the demo in the video below.

Github page: https://github.com/ucupumar/bevel-curve-tools

Update: Now this addon works on both Blender 2.79 and 2.80

If you have any suggestion, bug report, or anything else, you can reply on this thread or post it directly on github page.
Have a nice day!


I can definitely see uses for this! Keep up the good work, looking forward to updates :slight_smile:

Great Work! Thx for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice tutorial and addon .:yes:

Ditto everything the nice people before me wrote! Beautiful addon!:yes:

I’m getting the following error in blender 2.74 when I click on the “to union mesh” button:

I thought it was a python incompatibility with blender 2.74, but checking the other demo video (the one showing hair on a female model), that’s precisely the version being used. Has anyone else run into this error or know how to fix it?


Hi ucupumar,

great Addon!!!

I miss one function.

An option to adjust the size.
So that the Bevelobject matches an duplicated Spline. (e.g. A Text-Spline)

Thanks for all nice comments! :D:D:D

Okay, I think I messed up. I just realized operator bpy.ops.boolean are from sculpt tools addon. Just install it and you’ll be fine. Furthermore, I have edit the the my addon to notify you if you haven’t install sculpt tools addon.

I’m sorry but can you describe more about ‘matches an duplicated spline’. I don’t seems to get what you mean.

Okay, assuming I import a logo in SVG format.
If I use your plugin on the Spline, I can not extrude the Spline.
So I duplicate the Spline before.
One Spline for the Bevel, the other for the extrude.
The Bevel logo is bigger now than the extruded logo.

As should now have a scaling function in the reduced the Bevel Spline percentage.

I spend a Bevel width (x and y) of 0.25 and the Spline automatically reduced by this factor so that it remains matches with the second (Extruded)-Spline.


I hope it’s understandable. :smiley:

Thank you so much for the quick fix Ucupumar! :smiley:
It’s working fine now.


Sorry for late response. I think I understand what you meant. You can always use offset on curve properties like in screenshot below.

There’s a drawback though, now edit bevel position will never match the main curve. I already tried to solve this, but it still difficult for me. It’s not big issue but still worth pointing at. :eyebrowlift:

Hi ucupumar,

many thanks for your answer.

Changing the offset was the first thing I’ve tried.
But it doesn’t match.

nice addon but this will be compatible on 2.8 since there will be new like “collections” and not the traditional layer in 2.79 below.

Is this compatible with 2.8? The Sculpt Tools addon that is required needs Blender 2.8 upgrade.

I am also interested if this is going to be updated for 2.8?

Great add-on. I’m also eagerly looking forward to a Blender 2.8 update. Thanks!

In case @ucupumar doesn’t have the time to update it, maybe someone else could do it? I’d really appreciate that.

2.8 planned ??

I just did the update so this addon now works on both Blender 2.80 and 2.79.
It will gives you warning if you try to enable it on Blender 2.79, but it will works just fine.


Thanks @ucupumar!

Would it be much of a hassle to add an option to switch between a Bézier curve and a NURBS curve? I prefer working with NURBS curves.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome!
I don’t think NURBS curve has capability to use bevel object, so I think it’s currently impossible to do that.