[ADDON] Bizualizer (blender audio visualizer)

I saw sirrandalot’s script and thought I could make it into an addon I call Bizualizer.

It supports both linear and radial visualizer formats.


Usage is pretty straightforward:

Very nice! Thank you! Easy to use and straight to the point.

Brilliant! I was looking for something like this the other day and couldn’t find anything…

Thanks man! :smiley:

blender can do that on it’s own, but this seems good since it can be more flexible =)

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Good job. Thanks

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I guess some people were having difficulty with installation (this was one of those addons where you install the script, not the .zip folder). I’ve changed that so now you just download from the github page and install from the zip file.

I’ve also made a youtube video to demonstrate usage. I think I will make youtube videos for all addons I release as youtube allows people to make comments and post questions easily, whereareas most people don’t have a blenderartists account.

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I’ve created a Batch mode for this addon, allowing you to create Visualizers for many videos at once (and it’s faster for each) but I don’t know of a good way to package pillow and mutagen with the addon. This makes it hard for users to install it.

Does anyone know how to package these libs with the addon so it works across different systems and versions of Blender/Python?

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Evening, while looking for some answers to my problem I came upon this post.

Thing is I haven’t found any answers yet.

The problem is being able to, for example plug a mic into the visualizer (even if I go trough the non addon way (baking the sound)) and have the visualizer react in real time to the input of the mic, or at least near real time, like at a slower rate around 80 bpms or 15ish fps.

Would anybody know of a way to do this, or be able to guide me to a solution of the sort?