[Addon] Blender + Modern OpenGL 3.3

Hello guys!

Last week I started a project which is to create a new blender engine connected with modern opengl 3.3. This project’s idea started from my 3 juniors wanted to learn OpenGL but it seems that OpenGL is too hard for them, so I created this so they will more easily understand OpenGL (Hopefully :p)

Currently, the version 0.0.4, has a feature where you can code GLSL 3.3 programs on an object. I’ll add more feauture as soon as possible :smiley:

How does this work?this addon works by so: Blender -> export objects vertex, uv, normal & everything else -> generate the source code and then match it with the settings on Blender-> compile the opengl source -> Run the compiled executable

What are the advantages? What makes this different from others?
The advantage is that users can freely and easily edit the opengl source so it will match their preference if they can’t set it from Blender. Users will just need to press the ‘generate’ button and then the addon will generate an opengl source code. After editing the generated code users will just need to press the ‘compile’ button to compile the generated opengl source to an executable and run the compiled executable by pressing the ‘run’ button.

So basically you can call this addon an ‘OpenGL template creator’

Next Target Feautures:

  • Add Render Passes editor
  • Make the camera programmable
  • Add template materials
  • Make the background color optionable
  • Add Skybox options for the background
  • etc… the list will grow more as the porject grows!

The addon itself is still a bit messy, so I think I will release this after I clean up all of the programs.

Stay tuned! :wink: