[Addon] Blender Optical Lens Flare addon for Blender VSE

Hey Folks!
I am developing this addon for my studio. It’s now in beta stage. I will experiment with it in real time productions and refine it further more. You are welcome to test it and use it anywhere.

The addon has been updated:
Download LInk:


thank you
this addon is great
but crashes in import Optical Lens scene and quit the blender
this problem in this video :

Hi, it’s a known issue with 2.78c. Multiple multistrip with transform crashes. Blender has resolved it in daily builds…you can use them.

thank you now he is worked in this version

I have been checking out this addon and i found it amazing … but i also found it little bit long way to do that ,
so i changed UI elements and added few more lines of code to make it work better ,
seems like this has lots of potential and should not be limited to only lens flares , there are possibilities of adding dust , smokes and other effects

take a look at the screenshot of panel , now no need to manually import scene , no need to press linking buttons . and also without going in to other scene now it can import those sequences , and this way its much faster thats what i feel ,

lensflares are crafted amazingly , so i thought i could give it a try and make UI more better , i hope everyone will like it ,

here is a WIP gif … i guess that will make more sense :slight_smile:

It looks awesome! Please, fork it and let us know if you need any kind of assistance…I think it will be amazing if these kind of library based approach can be done…Great Work and thanks for your effort and interest. Best wishes.

amm… i dont use git that much …and thanks for appreciation ill forward code to your mail …one more thing … i have few questions …
and regarding developing further would be a great idea… i have few feature ideas . that can be done too

tell me is it possible to criminalize the strips … i mean is it possible when we press import then it just import one strip with transform strip means total 2 strips not more then that … is it possible ?

AHA! I tried that first…But unfortunately VSE Transform Script cant do actions on invisible scripts which I think is logical actually. It was created do transform in selected strips only…
Optional: If we could point the metastrips => nestedstrips that could work somehow BUT Metastrips are dynamic…So failed to do that as well…
Although it is possible to group everything into a single meta and access them from it, but the screen will not show the image/scene strips underneath…That will make users angry…:smiley: Man, I love that face! :smiley: :smiley:

I will try to see if it can be done in 2.79 though. I am hearing many changes is done with VSE recently…Lets see…

also tell me what is happening when we press create link … is it creating drivers ? can you come on discord … ? so we can discuss more frequent…
ill try something basic first … lets see how it goes …

Yes it is creating drivers with specific name strings…There is a problem with Blender VSE drivers too. It remove all drivers if the strips are duplicated(makes them as new object and not instance). That’s why linking them again has been done in the workflow. I coded it in procedural way so that folks can redesign the code easily.
I have not used discord in my entire life. Currently going for a vacation though. I will try to engage in discord If I got chance after the vacation.

ok no prob …enjoy vacation … msg here after vacation … we will discuss further