[Addon] Blue Noise Particles

even to implement this kind of thing as a core feature!

I actually looked at that. It would be quite feasible to do in the source and it would work a lot better than as an addon. But, last I heard, the particle system was being considered for revamping and I didn’t want to make changes that might be erased. Perhaps a core developer could comment?

You could start with just creating a module with the core functions… I think it would be nice that we could reuse these functions not only with particles, but also for scattering objects or other effects (texturing, sculpting, etc).
Later it’s possible just to create interfaces from each different usage. :wink:

You probably won’t find many developers on here. One of the irc channels would be a better place to get feedback from them.


Secrop, I’ve already done that. The python module has plenty of functions that can be re-used independently from the addon.

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Yes, I know. I use the Fibonacci_heap from time to time. But that’s exactly why it could be ported to the source. In python it’s quite slow to work with.

Thanks works fine with blender 2.83.5 :heart_eyes:

Thanks. It works with latest Blender. I hope, this or similar distribution will be added inside Blender and for hairs

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powerful !
is it destructive ? can we adjust the particles/ add textures/ vgroup influence… ect

Also, I`ve noticed, that addon creates small quads. Why not equilateral triangles?

is it destructive ?

It’s not destructive, but (like most addons) it’s instantaneous. You need to re-run it if you change anything.

Also, I`ve noticed, that addon creates small quads. Why not equilateral triangles?

No reason. Does it matter? Originally, it made points, but there’s no way to preserve normal information that way.

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Would love to see this as a native option in Blender, but that would require a C implementation, I guess?

That’s what “native” means yes.

I still think it’s quite feasible, but i’ve not got the interest to do it myself. I’ve got ignored by the devs, and Everything Nodes is still pending, so I presume there just isn’t enough interest.


Is there somewhere a version that still works with 2.79 can be downloaded?

Here’s the code before the update for 2.80: https://github.com/BorisTheBrave/blue-noise-particles/archive/ff23b53a4cc8c325f293ff4efce1633d5943e6f3.zip

Awesome, thanks!