[Addon] - Booleans Sculpt


Since the addon works well, I post it in this section.

This addons allows you to make booleans with dyntopo objects.
You can also manage your dyntopo sculpt with it, add a smooth, change the detail size with auto detail flood fill etc.

You have a lot of possibilities and the addon is compatible with carver, box cutter, Speedflow etc.

You can prepare an asset for dyntopo.


You can prepare several assets.


You can combine all of them in one time and make a smooth after if you want.


You can make symmetrize in object and sculpt mode.


You can also create dirrectly the boolean with the options you want.


You can use carver, box cutter, Speedflow etc.


As you can see, this is really usefull ^^

The addon is free, if you want to make a donation, you can use my paypal account :wink: paypal.me/pitiwazou

Have fun and tell me if you have any issue, the addon is still in developement.

Where did You been last month, when I had a task to make couple of digital sculptures and did this workflow by a hand each time! This is a huge time saver, thank You so much.

Ooooooo… I like this very much. Thank you!

Very good job Cédric! Félicitations & merci.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
Just to mention for those who do not know yet, if you use Blender from buildbot (or starting from Blender next release), you will not need enable Dyntopo every time you enter to Sculpt Mode (it always remains enabled, using the addon too)

Using your addon to boolaen 16 spheres and then lowering the detail to 47.Your addon won’t do it.

Thx guys, I hope this addon will be usefull.


16 spheres, direct union with subdivision and lower the detail size to 47.
Works for me.

for me it works too without any problems. This add on is more than just useful. It makes blender faster than zbrush for sculpting :wink: the only downside is the polycount you can use :frowning: but I’m sure this won’t be a problem in future blender versions :slight_smile:

Maybe it is the hewlett packard desktop and lap top i am using.

I shaped and enlarge the spheres to make a man.That is when it happened.Is it because i did not use control a?

Dyntopo is dependand of the scale of the object.
If you make a boolean on a human size, you have to use a bigger detail size like 80 or 100.
Il you keep 10 and launch the tool, the time will be endless to make the boolean, subdiv, detail size, smooth.

There is an example to make a character with this addon.



Have work on the sculpt, but the workflow works fine !

Thank you, just about to start a sculpting project, although I have gotten very used to the standard boolean modifier approach, I have been needing a faster approach that does not break the workflow, was even considering making my own addon for the job but I have little time these days :slight_smile:

As a side note, there is a way to make a good OK button rather then using the check icon;

sub = row.split(align=True)
sub.scale_x = 0.15

# operator
sub.operator('operator', text='OK')

Only down side is that it doesn’t work perfectly for all font sizes or fonts, it does work fine with dpi other then 72.

Just sharing that in case you are interested, I have no qualms with the check mark icon :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Why can’t i in the addon chose for some areas to have more detail than others using mask in sculpt mode to do it.Did someone do that already?Is that a great idea?

The first goal of the addon is to help making the first step of a sculpt, create parts, combine them and sculpt.

I will seee chat I can do but not yes, I have something else to do first.

For the button, I like it like that.


I haven’t tested it with fonts.

Error 404 on dropbox…

Fixed :wink:

Have fun !

Holly sh… Im at work and I have to test this thing so bad. I’m so fired right now…

You should name the button sculpt boolaen mask.