[Addon] Bottle/Cap Script V2

In my KTX_Tools.py another script has been added:
Bottle/Cap V2
This is another take on the bottle creation (V1 won’t disappear!)
The bottom half will now be generated with automatic wall thickness.

Download KTX_Tools.py from https://github.com/kostex/blenderscripts
Watch me create something with the addon at: https://youtu.be/kT9oI_CdcBA

Oh cool, so this one is a stand alone script? Looks really nice, thank you. BTW how did you clip the view in the image above for cutatway?

Alt + B for the viewport

Hi Roel,

this is much better.

Many thanks.

Another clip showing the ‘manual’ mode… To my mind the best… forget about x1-z5! Just extrude some verts and model more easily…

Hi Roel,

you’re right, this is the best solution of course!

Is this awesome addon working with 2.8+ version

Even 2.9x

I have download the zip file from the github link (blenderscripts-master) and installed the zip file. I cant find in the addon lis to activate or enable the addon.?

There is no release zip-file… what you’re downloading is a github archive…
Installing that zipfile within Blender does not work.
put the desired scripts in the root of your scripts folder manually.
(in your case move them out of the blenderscripts-master folder)