[Addon] Bounding (2.79) / ReBound (2.81)

Need it also! Just back from longer holidays now! I start to update this…


Awesome ! :scream:

WIP 2.8 > first look: properties

The 2.8 version get its own thread, because there’s a lot more in it, than in the 2.79 version. …
Also the recoplanar comes as a separated addon. (See first post.)

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WIP 2.8 > panel layout

  • rebound all primitives with all available properties = e.g. shadeless cylinder for plug inserts, etc.
  • rebound curve object = useful for miratools retopo or bevel-after-boolean, etc.
  • reselect for renaming or removing, etc.

Make some minor changes in panel layout: select is now a separate addon
Ready for testing: ReBound for 2.80/2.81
When it fine, it becomes an own thread, because there are more feature (set of separated addons) upcoming.

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Because it happens sometimes I spend a whole day trying out a few new addons and end up having not much news, I decided to ask before try.
I don’t have a good impression what this addon is for. Maybe it’s that I never heard the terms bound and rebound. But can you tell me a use-case of this addon?


  • create primitives on all selected objects by copying the location, rotation and scale.
  • options: customize copy properties, build collections, create materials, place origin, etc.


  • create proxies as position reminder, etc.
  • create shadeless cutter geometrie for boolean
  • create curve object for miratools retopo / bevel-after-boolean, etc.
  • or just new geometrie with less amount of vertices (low poly)

Try it: selected some objects, choose a bound type and run it.
And see Redo Last [F9] for more customization options…

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@Peetie > i create a new thread for it with a link from github…

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