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With jeremy we are working on an export/import addon for blender.
The goal is to import/export assets really fast to other softwares like maya, max etc.
Exactly like GOZ/GOB but with more than one object and in OBJ, FBX and Alembic.

We have a first version for blender, a friend is working on the max version and another guy on the maya version.

Video in french for now

Example with the max script.

Tell us what do you think about that :wink:

max script! Yeah!))

I think this is a very important development. Great work, once again!

Max? It would be great if Max to Blender exporter with all assets like Max/V-Ray scene to Blender/V-Ray scene! :DWhat do you think?

Right now we work on obj and fbx, not sure it’s possible to do what you want :wink:

:smiley: to you its possible

This addon will support import/export assets to modo in the future ?

If you found a dev for modo, yes ^^

Right now we work on obj and fbx

Hey pitiwazou
Are you working on exporting fbx from cycles with embedded textures?

For now, this is really simple, it’s a bridge for objects, later maybe, I don’t know, we have to make the first version ok before thinink about more options.

I’ve been thinking of doing the same for Unity3D. Cool work. Might certainly borrow some ideas here.

Why not make the unity version to work with this one ?

What are the differences with built-in export and import for .obj, .fbx, .3ds?

None, it’s just automatic import/export.

It would be great if you planned to support unreal :slight_smile:

Any news? It sounds interesting.

Very nice implementation it would be quite useful for it to be able to take the file name from the selected object as an option and/or export multiple files for all selected (again using the name of the object)

Finally the path… would be great if it was per scene/file so you can use the import/export in multiple blender files for one project (v. useful for game dev)