[AddOn] Bullet-Time Effect

With this add-on you can easily create a bullet-time effect in your animations, without affecting the normal running of your animation
Instructions are included in the add-on panel, which should appear in the 3D View Tools panel after it’s been installed.
But basically you just:1. Add an empty to your scene
2. Add a camera (you don’t need to set it as the active camera)
3. Add a Track-To constraint to the camera, and set it to track the empty
4. Parent the camera to the empty
5. Position the camera a the center of the object to be rotated about
6. In the Bullet-Time panel,select the empty as the controller, and the camera as (yep you guesseds it) the camera
Then set all the other settings as required and hit the render Bullet Time Button
The rendered image sequence can then be inserted into your animation at the appropriate point in the Video Sequence Editor
Bullet Time Add-on

Below is a video of a few sample renders of the effect in action

pretty neat stuff will test tomorow

Recently tried to use that add-on and it didn’t even work. This is what is said on the Info area.

AttributeError: ‘RenderSettings’ image has no attribute ‘image_settings’
File “\Text”, line 167, in Bullet_Time
File “\Text”, line 639, in executes
Traceback (most recent call last)

You may want to try re-copying and pasting it again as there’s only 348 lines of code in the add-on, so not sure where the line 639 bit comes from, also what type of image extension were you trying to use (as i didn’t thoroughly test every one)

Wanted to try it in a JPEG format.

I’ve tried all image type today with no problems, not sure what’s going on with you code.
Any way here’s one of the test blends i used with the working code included, for you to try

Bullet-Time_bolts.blend (389 KB)

You just need to run the script to enable the add-on;)

Hi MalDav - This Addon looks really excellent. I’ve tried it with Blender 2.62, and recieved the following message. Any tips as to where to start troubleshooting?

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\myname\Downloads\Blender\Blender 2.62 Release Win64\blender-2.62-release-windows32\2.62\scripts\addons\bullet_time.py”, line 320, in execute
File “C:\Users\myname\Downloads\Blender\Blender 2.62 Release Win64\blender-2.62-release-windows32\2.62\scripts\addons\bullet_time.py”, line 98, in Bullet_Time
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘action’
location:<unknown location>:-1

Oops. :eek::eek:
Turns out my original test files had some ghost animation data attached to the empty I was using, so this error never popped up, but heres a fix


insert a dummy keyframe on any item on the camera controll object
(not needed if you use the code fix below)

Replace Lines 98-110 with this code

    #Mute rotation axis, in case it contains a keyframe at Bullet Frame
    if fCurve:
        for i,fc in enumerate(fCurve):

Thanks MalDav. That code fixed worked well and the Addon is is now producing excellent results. Hopefully that makes it into the Addons repository.