[Addon] CamFormat -allow dimension and output settings per camera

Hi blenderheads,
I often thought it would be great on Blender to be able to have different camera dimensions, and store per camera an image size, and even an output filepath, instead of a general scene render settings.
So i gave it a go, and here it is : CamFormat !

This addon allows user to store easily some render settings in specific camera.

Every camera in a blend file can have specific associated dimensions, motion blur (motion blur curve is currently not supported), and output settings (ffmpeg encoding settings are currently not supported)

The addon can automatically change scene render settings according to the scene active camera, User can also do it manually from the camera properties panel

Live update feature allow to directly update the render settings when changing active camera settings

An other feature is creation of camera with default settings (to set in the preference panel of the addon) or with current scene render settings.

I hope this could be useful for some other users ! :slight_smile: C & C welcome as usual !

Here’s the Gumroad link :

and the Github :

And here’s a little video presentation for it :

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this is great!! Thank you for sharing, I think it’s a great feature that was missing in blender.

Thank you for this usefull thing

Hey thanks Bernardo and urkokul, glad you find it useful ! i just uploaded a v0.2 with a few changes in the properties (to make them match with original render properties, like res percentage is now limited to 32767, like in the original property…
you can download it from github and gumroad !

Thanks, this is something I have been wanting in Blender for years. Great job.

thanks man ! yep agree i think be able to have this kind of camera behaviour can be really convenient !

Thanks for this awesome addon! I’m using it often in 2.79, but do you have a plan to support 2.80?

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Hi glad you find this addon useful ! yep i planned to port all the addons i wrote on 2.8, still need time to do it ! currently working on font selector on spare time, i’ll keep you up to date here for camformat ! if you have knowledge in python, feel free to fork the github and give a hand :wink:
cheers !

Yeah this will be super useful when ported to 2.8. :slight_smile:

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