[addon-concept] UV colorize separate meshes

I saw a 3dsMAX plugin that exported the UV island layout, with all the individual meshes colored differently / randomly. This allows for quick and simple selection and identification of which parts of the model are which from within the 2d Application of choice.

In my last texture practice (using an old Speed Texture Competition model) I manually did this, separate all objects, then manually create shadeless materials of varying colors and baked them using ‘Full Render’ (or was it ‘Textures’ … i imagine both would work fine). This took quite a bit of time (30 separate materials were required…)

I am posting to ask if anyone has created / seen a similar addon already, or if not, ideas for how best to approach it.

  • An additional bake option would be a tidy solution, but a look for how the options that already exist are coded looks mildly complex.
  • An option below ‘Export UVs’ in the UV menu of an Image window might be another idea?

I am also definitely open to other workflows that render this idea null and void.

I attached an export of the exported image i used.


This functionality is pretty much already in Blender through the Export UV’s addon.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable UV Layout Addon (File->User Preferences->Add-Ons->Import-Export: UV Layout
  2. Mark the seams on your model
  3. Make an active image to unwrap to
  4. Unwrap your model
  5. Apply different materials to different faces of the model that you want to appear as different colors in the UV unwrap (In my test I added a red material, a blue material, and a green material, and then applied each to 2 faces of a cube)
  6. Go to UV’s->Export Layout in the UV editor
  7. Make sure Fill Opacity is greater than 0, then Click Export UV layout
  8. Note all the cool colors filled in on your exported layout:-)

yea, but as i said, i had to apply 30 odd materials to my model… if i can write a script to make it easier, then i’d like to look at that :wink: im a lazy programmer , and lazy programmers are generally a good thing, or so i like to think :wink:

hmm, if i duplicate the mesh, separate by loose parts, run that bake and undo… that’ll do quite nicely! thanks!