[Addon] Connect, Deselect Boundary

Fixed some API issues and for now, it works, unless API changes again…

cut_faces.py (7.2 KB)


haha, many thanksfor the effort, Artem :slight_smile:

So useful :smiley:

Thanks for the 2.8 update, this looks very useful, did not know about this addon.
Thanks again.

Now that´s a great first post :slight_smile: Thanks!

mesh_cut_faces.py (7.2 KB)
minor updates to remove warnings.


Oh wow, talk about going away for a few years :slight_smile: Thank you @Meta-Androcto and @artleontiev for keeping it alive, and I’m glad to see people still find it useful! I’ll put up the 2.80 update in the repo in a few days.


Well, a few days turned to be… a bit longer. But, I’ve just updated the add-on on github, it now provides a bit more functionality - namely, supports both face and edge selection, depending on which selection mode you’re in.


Thank you for this handy addon!
Deselect boundary will be very useful in my projects.
Though, I don’t quite understand what “connect” does. Are there any videos, tutorials?