Addon, control gameengine objects and videoplayback from the blender ui

I’ve started to wite an addon, which allows to control objects and videoplayback in the gameengine from the blender gui by using OSC (pyOSC). I call it BLive.

Possible applications are Videomapping and Projections on stages.

History of this project:

Last year I used the bge for projections in a small dance project. The bge was controlled by puredata and OSC. It turned out, that the setup of the gamelogic was too complicated for that purpose. So I decided to use the blender ui to control the bge. Here’s a first screenshot:

You can move, rotate, scale change colors and edit vertex coords of objects. Animatons / Actions can be setup and changed in blender and will be send immediately, no need to setup or change the gamelogic for this and restart the gameengine. The videoplayback is triggered from timelinemarkers. This makes setting up a playlist on a plane with in and outfades very easy.

At the moment the code is not more then a proof of concept. You can get it from:


small demofile:

If you grab the source from git, you have to rename BLive-master in the zip archive to blive, otherwise it will not work.


BLive Test:

Wow, that’s quite a cool addon.
One question though: Does it works in viewport and bge too?

Nice project and application, congrats :slight_smile:

I work exactly in the same :slight_smile:

My problem is to interact with de BGE in live mode too, but I don’t understand very well how you do it.
Did I need to put all the pyhton scripts in a blive folder, and after in the blender scripts folder?

I still tryiing



sorry for delay. A quick answer: yes. If you run a animation or simply move object, its visible in blender and the bge.


sorry for delay. A quick answer: yes. If you run a animation or simply move object, its visible in blender and the bge.


I updated the addon and switched from pyliblo to pyosc ( I added the OSC module directly into the addon, it should work now without external depencies on all plattforms. I couldnt check it ;). It would be great to get some feedback from windows or mac users.

I’ve put the “BLive-master” folder in the addons-folder of my 2.63a for win 32 install. It shows up in the list, but it’s one of those cases where nothing happens when I click the checkbox. It doen’t get checked.

The project is very interesting, this sort of stuff is why I want to learn BGE though I’m not really interested in making games. And makes me want to introduce Blender to artschooly artists, though they’re not necessarily interested in digital 3d in general.

I’m not sure if it works with 2.63, I used 2.64. Start Blender from the commandline. Most of the python error goes their.
If you want you can send me the output. I can try the addon under windows next week.
(One other thing: rename to BLive)

I just chose 2.63 based on the original instructions, maybe should have realized you’re keeping it current.
Anyway… went with 2.64a and renamed the addon folder to BLive.
This is what I get in the console when clicking the addon-checkbox

Traceback <most recent call last>:
File “D:[filepath]\2.64\scripts\modules\”, line 264, in enable
mod = import<module_name>

File “D:[filepath]\2.64\scripts\addons\”, line 57, in <module>
from . import logic
ImportError: cannot import name logic

I fixed it for windows.

I connected the QLightcontroller, OLA with the OLA OSC Plugin and Blender to run a simple Lighting Visualisation Test. I think I will move this to a separate addon later, because OLA is not platform-independent. Here’s a video.


hello, first off all… really great work, finally Video mapping in the BGE, All that I have dreamed :slight_smile:
I Have tried to download the demo.blend file but no luck, can you please share it again.
Many thanks,


sory for the late post. I added a Wiki which describes how to use addon. A recent demofile will come soon.