[Addon] Crack It - Make Crack for Tree, Poop, Rock, etc.

This is a new blender add-on.
It can make cracked object from selected object. Also you can use preset material for realistic object.

I will receive bug here and post image and tutorial of object created by the addon.
Also, if you suggest a good procedural material here, I can add the material as preset in the addon.

Video Tutorial:

Blender 2.79 or later:

  1. You don’t have to download any file, because the addon is officially shipped with Blender.
  2. In User Preferences > Add-ons, enable ‘Object: Cell Fracture Crack It’ addon, AND enable ‘Object: Cell Fracture‘ addon. And save user settings.

Blender 2.78 or earlier:

  1. Download the zip file. And in Blender, go to File > Use Preferences > Add-ons, click “Install from file”, and select the zip file.
  2. In User Preferences > Add-ons, enable ‘Mesh: Crack It‘ addon, AND enable ‘Object: Cell Fracture‘ addon. And save user settings.

Wiki: Blender: “Crack It” Addon Wiki.
Example Series: Blender: “Crack It” Addon Archives.
Github: crack_it.

Basic Tutorials:
Wiki with tutorial: Blender: “Crack It” Addon Wiki.
How to customize cracking point: https://youtu.be/Zfkk430a98Q.
How to avoid bad shape: https://youtu.be/30E1wtzPddE.

How To Tutorials:
How to make old tree with rough bark: https://youtu.be/2emVk-TFaXw.
With wireframe modifier: https://youtu.be/gySRCj8JyYE.

Download Result Objects:
Tree: Tree By “Crack It” Addon.
Excrement: Excrement.

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Basic examples by the addon. The materials are preset of the addon.
I will post tutorial or tutorial video to make the basic cracked objects.

Amsome! Big thanks

I’ve never seen such a quality bowel model.

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Thank you!
Just a few minutes with Grass free, Sky free and your addon:

i just downloaded your add-on, looks great, i´ll try it later today, thanks for the share.

You made one of your material presets “excrement”!? You “crack” me up, big time. Huge thumbs up!
Trying to be serious, this looks like a really useful and well done addon.

Hi, YAFU. The result is cool.
I didn’t think using the addon for a tower.
And if you make an object with the addon or notice tips, please write it in the thread.

:D, haha, great work, thank you.

A tutorial of “From Child Verts” to customize cracking point.

A tutorial to avoid bad shapes which often happen on complex objects.

Using the technique you could make more accurate cracks on a complex object.

Big Thank You for this nice and useful and Fun Addon…Documentation is Very Good too…Great Job


Just been using this and finding out how it works. It splits a plane up into sort of crazy paving with a low / or zero margin size. I thought i would try extruding a path to try to get a crazy paving path but it didnt respect the boundaries - it seemed to fill in to the object bounding box instead so I still got a rectangular cracked area. Nevertheless I can see good use for this addon making rocks and other stuff. Havent worked out the tree bark effect yet , I assume that requires lots of cracks and stretching the cracks in z. Thanks again for this addon.

Hi Bunc, The addon is optimized to make uneven natural or organic shape on default. But to maintain accurate shape of original mesh, it’s good – extrude=0, random=0, and turn off some modifiers.
And to make fractured crack like broken glass, use “From Child Verts”.

I’m making tutorials for broken glass, tree, and others.

How to make a tree by the addon.

An example of tree by the addon.

Modeling with Wireframe modifier.

Sorry, the previous tutorial for making tree was too simplified.
The new tutorial explains how to make rough bark like old tree.

Thanks for the video explanation!
I have a request maybe a little difficult to implement, but maybe you’re interested :slight_smile:

Do you think that somehow the scale/size could be according to weight paint in mesh?. And what about the addon make some kind of skin scales (fish, reptiles, dragons)?

With regard to materials, default addon materials looks good for me. Anyway you can see if it is useful to you one of these:

Mmm, I think it’s possible that the size is according to Weight paint.
Subdivide a lot the mesh. Paint with weight paint. Add Decimate modifier and select the vertex group. Set ratio, apply modifier and Crack it!

Weight paint to control scale or size would be great for improving usability.
Since making crack shape depends on cell fracture addon, weight paint could be used in pre-processing of a mesh like as you found in Edit.
But in my attempt to change scale/size by weight paint and decimate modifier, I failed good control size/scale of crack. If you can do it better, I’m pleased to see more detailed instruction for the process.

Make skin scale can be implemented if a good value setting is found by me or someone. I will be able to add it as preset value setting. So, for example if you show a good skin setting here, I could take it in preset.

I tried the materials library addon. I feel that It’s nice and better than the “Crack It” addon’s material preset functionality. Thank you for letting me know the addon.

nice addons and tutorials. however, I can not use this with the default tree from https://github.com/MaximeHerpin/Blender-Modular-tree-addon (https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?398485-Tree-with-connected-branches/page8) as expected, maybe the tree cannot be cracked only in x/y/z directions. any hints? Thanks