[Addon] Crack It - Make Crack for Tree, Poop, Rock, etc.

As would apply only in a group of vertices?

Hi Oyster.
I installed “modular tree” addon and made a cracked tree from a tree.

I sometimes encountered wrong shapes by “Crack It” addon on root of a tree. To fix that, I filled hole at bottom of tree with face, by selecting edges and “mesh > edges > make edge/face”.

And selected all faces, subdivide all faces. The subdividing is very important for tiny scale crack.

Then I made crack with “Crack It” addon. The screen shot below is the setting.

Lastly, flat the surface and adjust detail of crack by “decimate” modifier.

The result.

But I think if you render a tree from a few distance, you don’t always need cracking. You can apply material preset of a tree on a tree made by “modular tree” addon.

If the tutorial is not enough, please let me know what’s wrong with you.

Hi, everyone! Can anyone tell what version of the Blender this add-on work with? Thanx in advance!

Pizok, the addon is developed and tested in Blender 2.77b. So this addon can work with at least 2.77b.

I’ve used it with 2.76b and had no problems.

i really can’t figure out how to use this (btw amazing) addon to make something like this tower of rocks…any tips?

i really can’t figure out how to use this (btw amazing) addon to make something like this tower of rocks…any tips?

Crack it - Tower.blend (2.28 MB)

Crack it !..

And you go for a coffee because it may take a couple of minutes :slight_smile:
Also minor manual corrections in edit mode may be necessary.

Hello gappy!

I know it may not make much sense to use Margin Size=1 in Crack it!, but anyway if Margin Size=1 it gives an error:

Error: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/yafu/.config/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/crack_it/operator.py", line 32, in execute
    var2=sce.crackit_extrude_random, var3=sce.crackit_extrude_random)
  File "/home/yafu/.config/blender/2.78/scripts/addons/crack_it/crack_it.py", line 118, in multiExtrude
    self.report({'INFO'}, "Select one or more faces...")
NameError: name 'self' is not defined

location: <unknown location>:-1

Using Blender on Linux

Wow how did you make the poop material

Cant see the addon. It disappear from the toolshelf but few 2-3days before it was. It activated in the addon list but i cant see giving an error. I have a simple cylinder with few loop cuts. I tried the cell fracture addon with default setting and getting this error… I have done factory reset but same issue. Im using 2.79b version


cell fracture.blend (681.0 KB)

I tried to recreate your bug in my 2.79b and even newly downloaded 2.79b.
The warning massage in user preferences was popped up in my blender as you mention. So it should be fixed. But it seems a minor bug and not affect functionality for the addon.

And in both of the blender version, I can find “Crack it” section in “Create” tab of tool shelf. And I can use “crack it” and “cell fracture”.
The below is the snapshot of my result for your blend file.
So I can’t recreate your bug. It worked in my cases.

I can’t say concrete answer. But the error report seems to say “fracture cell” addon imports random of python’s internal random object, but the addon wrongly reference random.py in your addon folder?
So what if you try to delete or relocate random.py in addon folder where the error message shows?

If you have still problem, please give me more detail of the issue and your situation.

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Will it be update to use with Blender 2.80?


I have a bug that in object mode the left side panel doesn’t have details settings for crack it?

In 2.7, crack it addon panel should in in Create tab, just below the tools tab in the image.

Also, I’ve just finished updating “object: fracture cell” addon in Blender2.8.
crack it addon is now integrated with fracture cell addon. So you don’t need to activate crack it in 2.8.
You can download latest release of blender2.8(https://builder.blender.org/download/), and the cell fracture addon is in community addon group in 2.8 for now.

There are still bugs in fracture cell addon in 2.8. So if you have bugs, check re-download the latest version of blender to see whether the bug was already fixed.

You can also get the latest addon in https://github.com/squarednob/fracture_cell
In this case, you should manually download and override fracture cell addon to latest version in addon folder of your blender.