[Addon] Curve Outline

tiny but really helpful feature I missed a lot - it creates the outline of all splines inside the selected Bezier Curve.

addon_curve_outline.zip (1.53 KB)


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Hi jimflim,

Excellent idea! Thanks a lot for sharing your add-on.
In architecture, i was searching this kind of tool to make walls.

useful script.generally this is called a offset.

This is great! I’ve been missing this like forever, very very useful for architecture and curve editing.
Now I’m only missing a trim/extend :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for making this and sharing it with the community

Broken for 2.73!

Its indeed broken for 2.73!
So much needed in my actual project!

This works for me in 2.73


It worked for me on 2.73.

I selected a curve, hit spacebar and typed “Create Outline” and ran that operator. It worked as expected.

It get this after execution?!

seems it doesn’t work with POLY splines… just convert to BEZIER spline type

thx, Dito!
It work!

You are right liero, it works only with beziers, thank you!

I’m a blender noob and I think I installed this addon correctly. But I can’t find the Create outline Dialog from the image in the first post.
Or is adding outlines to curves even native in newer versions of blender?

the max. offset amount is 10, but my ca. 13 x 13 units bezier curve receives just a tiny tiny offset on max. offset value. Why is that ?

As a 2nd test i created an open bezier curve, but here the offset was wrong and like a duplicate, rather an offset

Who knows how to receive a good offset ?



another question, how do i remove the script again from the curve ?

Will it come to 2.80?

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This addon is included in Curve Tools. It runs on 2.80 and is included in Blender 2.81


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