[Addon] Cycles Multi-Tile-UDIM non destructive painting

Edit: November 22th, 2016

Hello guys.

I wanted to take November to rest a bit and put all this stuff in order but… it was not possible.
I managed to finish a new version, the one which I use, and to upload a super ugly video showing functionalities.

There is no need to append any node group now, you do not need to manage with the node viewport and if you careful it should work fine.
Anyway there are some things (like saving udims textures all in once) which are not tested yet, so use this taking that in mind.

See the ugly video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJYafN2Fqc0&feature=youtu.be

Here is a new and provitional link. I would like to use git but I have no idea how to send this to blender managers. (and I had no time to have a chat on irc)

Hello all,

some weeks ago I worked in this addon which allows me use Blender as a nicer texture painter. I created a UI to work with layers and it mimics some features from other softwares like Photoshop (layers, mask, adjustment layers…).

Also, which is more interesting, I can paint a model with a UDIM - Multi Tile uv mapping, where the uv mapping is distributed in several tiles out from 0 to 1 uv coordinates. This system is commonly used to paint high detailed textures, splitting the model in several parts and use many smaller textures rather than one super big texture.

It is not hard to use, but it uses some new concepts, so I wanted to share it in case anyone wants test it and tell me how difficult is to understand. I have created a getting starter tutorial and a quick video about the workflow.

Tutorial: http://www.vertigostudio.es/blog/?p=94
Download from here


Hooo this is really nice !

I just test and it works !
Now, we just need an addon to create UDIM Uv’s ^^

Well done :wink:

:slight_smile: Thanks.
I read some time ago your post looking for something like that, glad to hear it works!
What do you mean with “Create UDIM Uv’s”? Have the same system but using only one material?

No, Create the uv’s and place them in a UDIM way.
Right now, the uv’s edit view does not have a grid to do that, the grid is only in 0-1, so we need to export the mesh and make our uv’s in UDIM (0-2, 0-3 etc).

You are right, there is no a proper grid to do that, but I have a way quite easy to do place the uv in the correct position.
Just in case I show you. Put that part of the uv into the 0 -1 tile. Then, enable “Normalized” coordinates, select all those faces and just type + 1 (or + 2, or the position of the tile) after the number in X and/or Y position. It will move exactly to the desired udim position.

Other option is create it within the 0-1 tile, using the smaller boxes inside it and at the end scale everything.

It is not ideal because it would be better to see the grid but…

Yes it’s working, the best will be to change the grid properties like in maya.
Because wee cannot make change and see if it’s outside the tile.

The second possibility would have been great if the grid stay static.

Maybe with a system like you use in your addon to move the uv’s in 0-1.

You are right, I guess it could be easy to change in the inner code (but I have no idea xD).
Anyway, what I use to do is create a checker or color grid, change the resolution (x,y) of that texture, set everything within the texture tiles and then scale.

Checker size is 32*numtiles (1 tile = 32x32, 3 tiles = 96x96, etc)
Color grid size is 128 * numtiles

then, just I select all, click S to scale of course and type *numtiles. But I have always the same doubt than you… is everything well located? hehehe. I am going to look into a kind of solution which has pop up in my mind, and I will let you know if find out something :slight_smile:


Very cool job!

@pitiwazou I have just realized that I am such a dumb :slight_smile:
It is much easier. Just use a color checker, size 128x128 and enable repeat. It is not as cool as a proper system but it is easy see the tiles :slight_smile:

Thanks raziel_henzo!

Indeed I will test that ^^

Wy I didn’t have think about this before O_o ?

Thx Vertigos :wink:

My grid > https://www.dropbox.com/s/rnh19uccspljgmr/Grid_2048.jpg?dl=0

The other Grid > https://www.dropbox.com/s/og31wl71x99mhfl/Grid_2048_1.jpg?dl=0

Yeah! That is perfect :slight_smile: I though this evening about also add a safe area (a smaller box) called: “just in case area” hahaha.
Also I did some test with Cycles and displacement and using a material by tile it works nicely. I could not make it works using displace modifier (there is a kind a double effect in shared vertex) but using a mix node I reach the same effect.

I do not know if that mix node is actually necessary (maybe something was wrong with the scale of my model), but It looked extremely bumped if I just used the material and a multiply node. Did you solve your problems with the displacement? I will upload a test these days.

Thanks for sharing your grids! :slight_smile:

Man this is awesome! Seems like a great addon, I’ll test it next week :slight_smile:

For the displace you can use my node with cycles, it should work with one shader.


For the displace modifier it’s not working.

wow - thank you very much! Vertigos and pitiwazou

Hi all,

I have updated the link, because last night I found out a bug when we append an object.
Also, I have added a line and now we only need add the layer group once, not every time we open that file.


Nice :wink:

I made a tips video to unwrap in UDIM with your idea :wink:

(in french)

Nice! :slight_smile: Really useful

Hi Vertigos,

A great thanks for this useful Udim add-on!

Thanks Spirou4D :slight_smile: