[Addon] Cycles Multi-Tile-UDIM non destructive painting

Very cool stuff here. Thanks guys.

Yes thank you so much guys !
Is it possible to plug an UDIM Displacement Map ?
(With Vertigos or pitiwazou’s solution).

Thanks in advance

Hello rattle-snake,

yes, if you use material cycles displacement (not modifiers) you can use this faked UDIM system with no problem. Just add a displacement texture within each material and it should work. It does not work with displacement modifier because (when I tested it) in the edge intersections between parts the map affected twice.

I have to create a custom displacement group in order to have the same (and nice) displacement modifier result. I have added a couple of screenshots to explain that. Hope it makes sense, ask me whatever you need.


Hello Vertigos,
Thank you so much for your kind answer, i will look into that tonight :slight_smile:

Good evening Vertigos !
When I try your plugin on a simple cube it works.
However when I work with a character and I click on “MultiTile Set”, it shows me this error :

Do you know why ? I don’t find what’s wrong :confused:

Hello rattle-snake,
could you send me your character /blend file? I cannot reproduce that error.
[email protected]

Sorry for that situation :frowning:

Hi again Vertigos,
i had issues with my UVS !
I made it again from scratch and now it works like a charm !
Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that :slight_smile:
Let me know if you think a way to improve the system.


Hi Vertigos,

I translate your add-on explanations for french people but I don’t see what is a scratch, please?
Could you explain me, please?

do you mean “from the scratch”?

yes .

In french, a scratch is a “une rayure” (like on a rusty steel) but here about UVs, I can understand.


“from the scratch” is an English expression, it means to do something new or fresh.
in example: you can sculpt something “from the scratch”, sculpt something using no references, just taking the pen and your imagination.

Hope it makes sense.

pd: I am Spanish, so do not trust any explanation from me at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok Antonio thks,
I understand now.
But if I can: make labels more easy to understand, only clear terms, your add’on is so difficult to use, you understand me?

At soon for other things certainly…

Take note of that Spirou4D :slight_smile:

I will take a look into the UI in order to improve it a bit!

MDR ! oui spirou “from scratch” veut dire “à partir de 0”. Bonne initiative pour la traduction :slight_smile:

Salut @rattle-snake, :eyebrowlift2:
At soon with the FR translation…but here is the actual menu:

Hi Spirou4D, very interesting addon, thank you. In case you haven’t seen this before, hope it helps.

Blender UDIM style UV Layout Tutorial (mapping, cycles, nodes) ENG sub

Hi @Harvester thanks a lot “mio cugino da sud”.
I didn’t know this vid. this add-on is amazing!

De rien, mon ami du nord :wink:

Il vostro add-on è veramente eccezionale, e ora che ho capito, lo trovo davvero fantastico!

Bientôt la traduction en français, les amis…