[Addon] Display Layers (unlimited)

I wrote a very small script to manage objects in a new layer system which is not related at all to the Blender layers.

No number limitation and names, perfect for sorting things.
If a layer is set with wireframe, all new objects that will be assign to this layer will automatically be display with wireframe, same for hide, render and lock. Nothing huge but I find it nice to have to sort elements.

I thought somebody else could find it useful, so I share it here :cool:

Download the script

wow, this looks awesome, but i am wondering, is there a way to create a system that adds unlimited subayers to every one of the current layers?!This way we will have a way to organize unlimited layers under normal layers, it could give us one more level of control and organization!

Great, its simple and goodlooking and has everything one tipically needs

Salut @VincentG,
Un grand merci pour ton partage d’une véritable alternative! Quelques mots en français font du bien parfois, je te les souhaite amicaux et encourageant, cher voisin. Salut.

Very simple and nice. Thank you for the script :slight_smile:

Perhaps instead of the lock icon, to lock selection of objects, you could use the mouse cursor icon that is used in the outliner (for consistency).

This looks very nice, thank’s for the script VincentG

Merci Spirou. C’est une alternative mais faut bien se dire que ça ne peut pas remplacer les vrai layers de Blender pour tout ce qui est creation de masques et d’exclusion des renderlayer. Mais au moins, on a quelque chose de sympa pour juste classer ses éléments.


Thanks Spirou. Just be aware that it can’t replace the Blender layer system for the creation of masks and exclusions in the renderlayer, but it gives a possibility to sort elements.

really straight forward and useful. thanks for sharing!

This is useful. Thank you for your sharing!
I think that it would be better that it can multi-assign.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes this is a good idea but how to manage objects that are on two layers: one with wireframe activated and lock on and another layer with the opposite?

Some improvements to organise the layer list.



Oh, yes. If it is in the case, Display layer would need a tree structure.
But if you do that, the addon will become grouping function of blender…

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. It is so much easier now to organize larger projects.

it’s nice, but slow when handling a bunch of objects, even if the scene itself isnt very heavy.

I didn’t realised that. Can you send me a scene that makes the addon slow to see if there is a way to optimise it?

Okay, will do

Great job, just what I needed.

These threads make me sad.

Groups in Outliner work exactly in the same way as Layers in your add-on. Your script can show wire, but isn’t it better to improve group system instead? Like now we can already do with Groups:

  • create “Layer” (Ctrl+G)
  • name/rename “Layer”
  • add object to “Layer” (Ctr1+Shlfl:+G)
  • remove from “Layer” (Ctr1+Alt+G)
  • show/hlde “Layer”
  • lock/unlock “Layer”
  • render on/off “Layer”
  • delete “Layer”
  • select all objects in “Layer”
  • you can see what objects are in “Layer” listed in Outliner


@@vklidu i had never seen it that way, if you think about it yeah, just need to implement the wireframe thingy, and also that’s what happens when you change the entire way something works and not explain it.
I’d also ad a wireframe color override on a per layer/group basis, and also maybe if this addon would work making these selections based on groups it’d be faster?.

@vklidu: There is one funtional difference, the display layers addons partition the scene - an object can be assigned to only one layer. Add an object to a layer and it is removed from the layer it was on before. Using groups, to have this behavior you must remember to remove the object from its previous group manually after adding to a new one. I find this a pain on large scenes.

I would like to see partitions added to the outliner, they were useful in Softimage.