[Addon] Display Tools ( v. 1.6.0 )

Thank you JordiArt!

Now you should menage to put it in trunk, I don’t know about the procedure.

Regards, paolo

Thanks paolo, that´s the idea but i’ve never done it before, if someone can point me to a wiki/tutorial of how to do it i´ll thanks a lot because for now the blender.org wikis for me are difficult to follow, and don´t know how to write a wiki page like this for my addon :

Updated to version 1.2:

-Some name descriptions where wrong
-Added mode to on/off Fast Navigate mode while Edit Mode is on
-Added Delay mode for ability to delay the response of returning to normal viewport mode
-Added a time factor for Delay, that makes delay shorter/larger in response on your mouse movement

I´ve added the delay option because the addon checks your mouse movement for switch between modes, and with a delay the issue of zooming with mousewheel should be gone too.

I´m still thinking on what functionality may be implemented to the addon, and have plans to do a videotutorial and a decent wiki for the addon for achieve the trunk :wink:

Same download link on first post to download, also updated the post for new funcionality too.

Hope you guys enjoy as i am doing :yes:

Edit: Seems to be a bug when no active object selected due to recent editmode functionality, for now make sure you have something selected, soon i´ll fix it!

Updated to version 1.2.5:

-Fixed bug when no active object is selected
-Added option to define viewport mode while not fast navigating
-Added option to draw extra bounding box to shading setup tab
-Added option to specify the bounding box type on a list too
-Upgraded shade smooth/flat tools, now work on editmode too
-Scene visualization now have almost all checks realtime
-Added show all objects origins and new manipulator toggle in scene visualization tab
-Some minor code cleanup and some new/forgotten descriptions

Same download link on first post.

Really i think it´s coming to full featured addon for me, maybe you guys can suggest anything that can be added?

Thanks for last updates, with delay mouse wheel works well and two modes for non fast and fast navigating work well too.
Now is possible to deal big scenes pretty easier.

Thanks for testing too!

Update 1.2.6:
-Added delete all modifiers to modifiers tools
-Bug on put dummy modifier that don´t put anything if no selection, fixed
-First try to make all code pep8 compilant
-Some cleanup too

Same download link at first post

Now the addon have a provisional wiki page, see first post link!

The only thing that wiki lacks for now it´s a video tutorial, i hope to find time soon because it´s a must i think, but for the moment the video showed there it´s from another project.

Hope now with the wiki help most people can access to the addon functionality :wink:

Excellent stuff!!!
Thank you very much!

How I can apply hotkey for shading setup-wire on/off for one button?

Excellent, must have addon! Btw it doesn’t work in latest r54135 build.

I have a working version for my use, soon i´ll update links to new version :wink:

Thank you so much!!

Updated to version 1.5.0:

-Updated to work with last blender versions. ( SVN rev.54683 )
-Added a couple of buttons to modifier tools for batch setting subdivision level on all/selected objects.
-Updated the wiki with changes.

Thank you again, one of the most useful addons.

Thank you JordiArt!!


This should be part of the default layout!

Thanks, when i have time i will look into

iiHolla Jordi!!

Want to thank you for this clever addon! It’s very useful.

However I can’t use it at full. I’m running Blender in a MacBook with Snow Leopard and I only can use you addon at full if I use a mouse with the default Blender config.

If I use it with my custom keys it only changes the mesh to bounds/wire when I zoom in and out. When I use the trackpad or the Wacom pen tablet is even worst! Sometimes it works in zoom mode, sometimes it doesn’t. And never works while rotating or translating the view.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you!

Hello and thanks Utopia780!
I have sometimes problems with other things and it´s interaction with my custom keymaps, the solution i have for this it´s update the keymaps to prevent conflicts with new features/keymap oversaturation of the same feature assigned.
For the problem you say, have you tried the delay setting? sometimes helps specially with the zooming task, also you can zoom with “Comand” + MMB + Drag i think in MacOS.
I can´t test in any Apple device for now so hope this helps!

Can this be made to work with standard BF Blender version 2.66?