[Addon] Duplicate Tools

I made addon.This addon allows to replace the selected face with the instance of the selected mesh.


The object to replace need to have its origin at the center.
The face to be replaced need to be parallel to axis.


Neato – I’ll have to try this out. Thanks.

Looks very useful and fun, will try it out

Many thanks, very useful tool!

Looks like “dupliFaces” feature of Blender - or i miss something?
Btw, there is similar plugin named “Tissue”, in default Blender addons. It can use any quad (even distorted) for clone orientation, can create very interesting results too.

Very interesting. Could you place it on github ?

Got it to work, but I had to experiment with the bl_info. And it appears under a tab of another addon I didn’t expect it to appear.
But great idea. Works well. Thanks!

Good work. Thanks for sharing

I played with it for a while, and realize this is a really powerful tool.
It encourage a modulair modelling approach and its memory friendly.
What I did is making first some assets, like 1x1 tiles with combinations of insets, bevels, ridges, spikes etc.
Later on you can edit the duplicates anywhere if need.

The only thing I had to keep an eye on is to give a proper name for the assets under the “Data Object Data” tab to find my assets easily back.

Looks simple but a must have addon.

Thank you.
Sorry. I’m not familar with github.
GitHubGist here:

Thank you.
Sorry. I’m not familar with github.
GitHubGist here:

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It looks very promising. And there is a lot in common with such plug-ins as AMT Mesh Blend for Maya and the Polystein Kit of Modo. Maybe you need to copy some of the functionality from them?

nice addons
it could be better if the code lives in https://www.github.com. So the author and user can reach the latest version easily.

Thanks man! couldnt install it can share a how to install it. I use the official 2.9.b

I tried install addon from both zip and .py but couldnt make it work.

Same here.

I can install but it does not appear in the list of addons in user preferences

Sorry.I don’t know why it does not appear in the list of addons.
I have been testing this Addon in 2.79b windows 64bit zip version.

I discovered the problem. I’m not used to activating the TESTING tab in ADDONS. thank you anyway.

Thats it! Thx man very useful.

How do you make this wonderful addon work with 2.9x? :pensive: