[ADDON] Easy comments


This is my first post here and this is y first addon, I hope you will like it.

With Easy Comments you can add texts in the 3Dview and continue to work !

It’s really simple, you just have to select an object and add a text.

You can combine Easy Comments to the grease pencil and share your scene with your clients or teammates.
They will add comments, draw some lines with the grease pencil and you will be abble to continue your job :smiley:

You can customize your text in the preferences.
You can change the color of the text, the size, the color of the background, the opacity etc.

![https://images-2.discordapp.net/eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwOi8vcGl0aXdhem91LmNvbS9zY3JlZW5zaG 90cy8yMDE2LTA2LTE2XzIzLTM0LTQ0LmdpZiJ9.63tpHHnBVaB 0Anxjr-jP2DrWhQE.gif](https://images-2.discordapp.net/eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwOi8vcGl0aXdhem91LmNvbS9zY3JlZW5zaG 90cy8yMDE2LTA2LTE2XzIzLTM0LTQ0LmdpZiJ9.63tpHHnBVaB 0Anxjr-jP2DrWhQE.gif)

The addon is really simple to use.

You can check this video to see how it works.
Pitiwazou was really nice to mae it for me.

The addon is available on Gumroad for 5$.