[Addon] EasyFX - Post-Production Done Directly in the Image Editor

I haven’t worked much with the VSE in Blender, so I’m not sure how it works, however I’ll have a look at it! :slight_smile:
The add-on works for both Cycles and Blender Internal

Didn’t know the UV/Image Editor had a mask feature to define masks, just had a look at it, really cool, I’ll definitely be using that when creating the layer/mask support! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!

Hmm, The code may not be super clear on how to add your own presets, and it would be fairly complicated. Saving your own node groups (without scripting) is something I could have a look at, I kind of know how it would be done, just not 100% sure how it should be coded, but I’ll give it a try! :slight_smile:

For bespoke node storage I would look at http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Compositing/Compositing_Presets

Of course most people are happy to save a node group for reuse but they suffer from linking issues when you want to nest groups or drive values from elsewhere.

Is this being updated for 2.8 cycles? I want to get rid of the darkness in my scene and maybe get rid of the reflections of my floor and hdri in my chrome appliances.

Yes, it would be nice to know that there’ll be an update for 2.8 :slight_smile:

Are there any potential dates to see this fantastic addon come to Blender 2.8 now that the API is stable?
This is much needed in post production.
Let us know!
Thanks for such amazing addon!

I’m starting to port this addon for Blender 2.8+ and starting to get some results. At the current state, it work at 60%. Here’s the link : https://github.com/DoubleZZ/EasyFX-2.8

Since the tool shelf (T) don’t exist anymore, you have to look into the properties panel (N).

At the current state, here’s the parts that don’t work yet :

  • Emission only for “Glow” and “Streaks” (SOLVED) (CYCLES ONLY)
  • Depth of field (SOLVED)
  • Motion blur (SOLVED) (CYCLES ONLY)
  • Transparent sky (SOLVED)
  • Image sky (SOLVED)
  • Settings : Layers index
  • Lack of feedback for settings that need a new render

If you notice more errors, please notify here or in Git.


Good news ! The missing parts are all caused by the same change in the python API. Now the addon seems fully ported to Blender 2.8 (mostly ? Need more tests). You can download it at the same place.

Sadly, not everything works with EEVEE and those parts are mentionned in the UI. I’ll maybe make a better UI feedback about that.

Once again, some feedback is needed.


Hi. Thank you so much for replying and porting this back to Blender 2.8. Is it compatible with 2.81? I´m currently using that version.
Of course I would like to feedback the test usage so you can implement things on this marvelous addon.
I´ll start testing it tomorrow. It´s late at night here.

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As far as I know, there’s no big changes in the Python API between 2.80 and 2.81 so it should work.

I’ll try when I get access to the software.

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I thought this was the case however i have a few addons not working in 2.81 that work in 2.8. Also Khaos has said that until 2.81 release they cant release a 2.8 compatible version of their addon.

Yep. Confirming here. It is not working on 2.81. I can´t use it on 2.8 because I´m on 2.81 because of sculpting tools. And this is where I would love to make my renders with EasyFX.
Please make it 2.81 compatible. Thanks.

I tried with the last unstable 2.81 and it worked fine. Can you send a screenshot of the console if you see nothing working ?

Same here. Looks okay with 2.81.394318da74ef (2019-09-13).

Thanks a ton for porting this. Never had a chance to use it pre-2.80 but recently I’ve had cause for doing so. Lo and behold you’ve made that possible! :slight_smile:

I will try 2.81 vanilla (today’s DD). Let’s see how it goes.
Still no results. Maybe because I got already many addons, they’re conflicting somewhere…

Hi! Thanks for the addon.
It may sound stupid but I can’t see the menu in the properties panel (the addon is installed and turned on). Have no idea why…

It´s in the Image Editors N-Panel :slight_smile:

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thanks mate :nerd_face:

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Thanks for clarify about that.

For those who don’t see the panel even with the addon activated, please check the console and post a screenshot if something is mentionned about the addon line codes.