[Addon] Edge length equalizer.

Ahhh, you’re right, I couldn’t see it in the context menu, but it’s on the panel, I have to take a look at it more now, I knew it “absorbed” the ofset edges addon, but not that it had others like this one

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I don’t understand @bloox64 is this add on working for 2.80? because it is saying- “upgrade for 2.8x required”? I need to fix one circle hole in mesh and by tutorial is this used. I am new so I hasitate to install not working ad-ones, because…you know when you learn and don’t know why is something wrong or broken (I don’t say this tool is broken! Just I don’t know to use it). And worse of all- how to fix it?!

The addon comes bundled with Blender 2.8 by default in the mesh tools addon > edge section

Sorry, am I good looking? I don’t see.

Nice, I wasn’t aware of this bundled addon!

[edit] lolz, it was also bundled in 2.79 :smiley:

You’ll have to look in the mirror to know that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Two tips regarding this matter:

  • LoopTools — also among the standard set of Blender add-ons — offers a Space tool that evenly spaces edges between selected edges.

  • EdgeFlow corrects edge flow in an interpolated way.

hahaha, I am not native speaker, some times it goes wrong. :crazy_face:
I am not sure how to equalise edges with this bundle. I need to equalise edge lenght to average.

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People, you rock! Thanks

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If you need the edges to form a perfect circle, use the LoopTools add-on ➔ Circle tool. LoopTools is included with Blender. You just need to activate it in the Preferences.

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That did the job @Metin_Seven , I am following older tutorial, but I like it, and I got stuck. I can proceed to build <3

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