[Addon] EWOCprojects presents ParEdge

EWOCprojects strikes again with the ParEdge addon! It brings construction of support edges, this is inserting of edges parallel with the selected edgeloop / part of edgeloop. It harkens back to this option for loopcuts in 2.49 but now works on all edgeloop selections.
After install it will be in the Mesh addon category and after enabling it will pop up a button in the Mesh Tools panel. Use leftmouse-drag or panel slider to set distance.

Comments, bugs, good ideas go on this thread or to [email protected].

Go to the website at EWOCprojects.

If you have problems with the website, head here.

current version: 0.5.3

Awesome.One small sugestion sir ? An option to add on both sides of the loop at the same time ?

Great! Consider making a package from your plugins, like Oscurart Tools. Installing them one by one to new versions of Blender is becoming a pain.

Making a new package everytime I update some script would become a pain. Ill consider when the dust has settled down and I start focussing on other tasks…

It was more complex than expected but the new “Both sides” option is now in the new script version.

Also, does anyone know how to check if mouse is over the Tools panel in Python? At the moment, when entering a distance value with the keyboard, pressing ENTER will instead end the addon. Maybe choose another key for consolidating changes, like SPACEBAR or if anyone has any ideas about this?

+1 spacebar

New version of ParEdge online, now uses SPACEBAR to consolidate changes, so ENTER can be used to input numerical distance values.

Also fixed selection issues in edge select mode.

not sure if I like the spacebar choice,
it conflicts with spacebar addon & search.
Is there another key/method?

Meta-Androcto: Im open for suggestions… Best would be to be able to check if mouse is over Tools panel, then I could revert back to using ENTER. Still, for the moment, the SPACEBAR is big and broad and easy to hit… and reverts back to normal usage after.

Great, although it doesn’t work for several loops at the same time; like in case of edge fillet I would change Space to Enter to conirm operation. I didn’t figure out how to do it until I read your threads.

Grrrreat work!

I tried to figure out how to get the correct orientation/direction for multiple edges. Failed so far. I could do this when using “Both sides” since direction doesnt matter then…

SpaceBar: I know, its anti-intuitive but cant use ENTER at the moment since its needed for numerical input.

paleajed - how about LMB?

Its switched back to ENTER since I have now a way of checking “mouse over panel”.

!!! also switched main operation to LMB because possible for the same reason

paleajed i have problems whit edge insert wen tweaking distance slider dont updated in the viewport in realtime, it’s updated after release the mouse and can you ad the [ F6 ] option to call the script properties

Wasnt as easy to code but now viewport updates with distance slider.

And what should F6 do exactly?

Paleajed, you are a storm of coding power! :slight_smile:

Aha F6 does floating panel… no plans of implementing for the moment.

thanks for the fix

New beta version (unstable).

Now create multiple parallel edgeloopslices at the same time. The orientation algorithm is not finished yet, but works well in standard situations.
Now creates clean geometry (no “double” faces).

Switching side of loop multiple times will eventually result in a bug (but nobody does, so…)

Switching side of loop multiple times will eventually result in a bug (but nobody does, so…)

Fixed this one - man, it was the bug of Doom…

Using single edges when doing more than one slice can still give problems (thats why its still “beta”, among other things).

Fixed bug that forgot to affect last edge when edgeloop is closed.