[Addon] Extended 3D View Panel

I change a bit the 3d View start up file for a cleaner ui.

>> to install this you have to replace the space_view3D.py Script
>> go to -> 2.70 > scripts > startup > bl_ui > space_view3D.py
get it here:

> create a panel and add the checkbutton to the header

Genious!, maybe it should have a switch for transform and grease pencil too! and have it be fixed at the top of the screen or something, but hey thanks for it!, really cool shit!

Extension script is a great idea for hiding seldom used features. That ‘N’ panel was getting crowded and this helps solve that problem. Great work.

Incredible! will be on trunk? :yes:

Thanks for this great script!

I dont seem to be able to activate it !?

it is not a addon > the title is wrong
you have to replace the original space_view3d phyton script what comes with blender.

Hi mkbreuer!
Clever idea… :smiley:

Please could you make something like this - short access to screens. Buttons on top toolbar (instead of tabs) for very often used screens (Default, Animation, Compositing…).

At present we must do three steps - go to menu, choose screen and click.
New buttons = one click.

It is not problem with shortcuts ( ctrl+left or right arrow), it listing the screens one step up or down. But it is not
direct connect to specific screen.
Buttons for top toolbar are :
row.operator(“screen.screen_set”, text="", icon=“BACK”).delta=-1
row.operator(“screen.screen_set”, text="", icon=“FORWARD”).delta=1

But I need ( I hope some blender people also) someting like this:
( for illustration only)
row.operator(“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, text=“D”).screen=Default
row.operator(“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, text=“A”).screen=Animation
row.operator(“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, text=“C”).screen=Compositing

“One click and go”, not listing…
I was looking for code in python guides, but it is a little bit complicated for me (I am not coder) and my way was unsuccessful.

sorry, but i’m also not a coder for complicated scripts.
I have try something but without success.
Please, post this question into the Phyton Support Thread.
The developer there will help you better than i could.

…here it is: look after install into your 3d view properties shelf for the “Extension…” panel