[Addon] External Paint Autorefresh Completely Free

UPDATE: External Paint Autorefresh is completely free, enjoy:

Hey guys, wanted to release this addon to the community:

Blender-GIMP Autorefresh now called the new and improved External Paint Autorefresh
Main thread for it here:http://bit.ly/Rn4j5p

It is an addon for Blender, Photoshop and GIMP that lets you use GIMP and/or Photoshop with Blender simultaneously to paint any 3d object, giving much more customization and control over any model:

If you want more information on it check out our page:

If your are wondering what Real Time Animation Addon is from our site the thread for it can be found here:

Also, questions, comments, suggestions; would be greatly appreciated!

it makes ya wonder why Gimp just cant be merged inside of blender.

Texture paint?
use UV image editor/Gimp Paint :wink:

dose it cost to get the full version?

in the Addon itself is noted it’s being sold…

interesting addon, but how much is it? Why do you sell it and not give it for free? (mean question, i know :wink:

To be completely honest is because I am a college student and out of money lol, and need funds to do more; addons, other creative ventures etc. But its only a one time fee of 5 bucks.

To be completely honest is because I am a college student and out of money lol, and need funds to do more; addons, other creative ventures etc. But its only a one time fee of 5 bucks.

Yes it does it is only 5 dollars though.

The addon works at making Blender and GIMP cooperate and synchronizes it, plus it can be used right now. But that is a good alternative as well.

I am in favor of this type of solutions. Are you also planning to create a version for Photoshop users? At the moment, there is a script called “CanLinkIt” which allows you to place a smart object as link file in Photoshop, so that you can quickly update picture changed in another editor.



We would like to make one for Photoshop too, it will depend on how well Blender-GIMP Autorefresh does; to see if there is a demand for this type of addon.

This seems great except that I use photoshop.

Thanks, we will try to make one for Photoshop as well, just want to know the demand of this first.

Demand is very higher than for gimp I think. I think a lot of people prefers ps. And also probably have an illegal copy.

Yea you might be right. The prices for Adobe products are criminal I think though; that’s why so much illegal activity. If you go to a University you can get Adobe products for like 200$ (still expensive lol). I will look into making one for Photoshop, just a little disappointed as of the demand for this addon right now, maybe not enough publicity.

Its a great plugin. Although I prefer Photoshop I will use gimp with this. I would/will get the Photoshop one as well.

Very cool! Does this work on Linux?

Its a script for blender and
For gimp. Why would it not ?

Thanks for the input! I will look into it.

Congrats on the Blendernation plug. Hope it helps to get people sponsoring the development buy buying it, and yeah, enough encouragement to do a Photoshop version :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to try/buy this plugin but cant get it to work on blender buildbot r50372 or blender 2.64 RC 1.
Is it only working 2.63a?
Is it only for windows? (I don´t think so)
As 2.64 comes out next week I don´t like to reinstall 2.63a for testing.
If it work only for 2.63a I can wait for a plugin update.

Thanks, mib.