[Addon] Extra Image List

***Have you ever struggled with the tiny pop-up list in the UV/Image Editor? So have I!

Therefore, I made an addon that enables to pop-up an extra image list with specified number of rows and columns. Now you can finally display all your image datablocks by single click and select the right one.

Moreover, the addon contains a button to clear all users for the selected image datablock. So, the image datablock can disappear after save and reload of the blend file and you can easily get rid of unwanted image datablocks.


Download: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/87714

Is my thread just disappeared?

Your thread went into moderation after you made the edits. I’ve re-approved the thread for you.

Thks a lot MeshLogic,
Your addon is veryyyyy useful, indeed!

Very usefull. Thanks

I made also another addon called Extra Material List and posted them both now (viz the first post).

Some very handy tools, meshlogic thank you!

Hi MeshLogic,

I made some comments quite a while back in one of your post. I thought it was on your website but cant find it no more. I made some alterations to the addon so it looks cleaner. Also did some minor rearranging of layout. For me this made more sense. I also change the listview so that user can change it, other wise the list could get really long in big scene. This makes it more user friendly
Also added cleaning options for no users as well as invalid images.

This week i ported it to 2.80 and works great :slight_smile:

I hope you dont mind, all credit goes to you and i also stated this everywhere.


Hi, is it under GPL license?

Did anyone manage to make this work on 2.81?

not working in 2.83
update, please