[Addon] Face object to Transform Orientation


I wrote new simple blender’s addon.
This addon can face object to registered transform orientation.

Here is usage.

  • Create transform orientation from the menu appeared by pushing ‘N’.
  • Click ‘Object’
  • Click ‘Face to Transform Orientation’
  • You can change transform orientation and offset rotation by changing ‘tools property’



Any problems, comments and proposals are welcome.
If this plugin is useful for blender, I will commit this plugin to master repos.


Thanks man, very cool job!

Thanks for your reply!!

I will develop new feature about this plugin soon.

Released version 0.2.
This version add features as follows.

  • Move menu to ‘Object’ - ‘Transform’ - ‘Face To Transform Orientation’
  • Apply transformation to selected objects instead of active object.

Excelent, thanks !

Print menu please


I made tutorial video.

Thanks man!!!

Rename repository name.

Newest link is bellow.

nothing works at all :frowning: Could you write more precisely how to copy orientation from one object to another.

ok, it works now. Thanks for very useful addon!


Sorry for my slow response, and thanks for using this add-on.
If you have any problem, please tell me.