[Addon] Fast Lattice [0.6a]

(TeaCrab) #61

Naming addon, check…
Fast lattice, check…

If your next addon is about baking textures… then I shall officially declare that we are the same person. lol… jk

About the lattice, if your fast lattice only apply on one object, then I understand why you want it to inherit the orientation of the only selected object…

But if your fast lattice is intended to work on multiple objects… how is matching the orientation even possible? It’s probably not going to be perfect at all. And why do you want it to orient along all other objects?

Nvm! I made the biggest mistake of my life yet again, did not read.

Did not know you are making it work inside the edit mode until I read the post.


Indeed the goal in this addon is little to do with object orientation but instead orientating to mesh details.

(Michael Knubben) #63

And are there any updates coming soon? I’m still looking for a good solution to add a lattice.

(realeyez) #64

This should have more attention than it does. This is by FAR the best solution for using lattices in Blender that I’ve come across so far.


Thanks! Still a lot of work to do, been hard for me to find the time lately.

(fiendish55) #66

This really needs more love, blender default lattice is not good enough and this solution is very nice thanks proxe.

(Nosslak) #67

This is a great little addon. After using Max at work I really started missing the simplicity of their FFD modifiers in Blender and this add-on makes the process a lot smoother and closer to that.

It would be nice if we could get an option to use the rotation of the object that you’re modifying as the orientation for the lattice as an additional ‘Object Aligned’ under the ‘Conforming Method’ option. Other than that the add-on is perfect for my needs.


(Gilles38) #68

Where is the Easy Lattice add-on that comes with Blender ? I don’t see it the User Preferences.
And more importantly, is it possible to animate the location of the vertexes of the lattice without using shape-keys?
Thank you


Gilles38 you can use a empty hook by selecting the vert(s) you want to be parented

Edit Mode > Ctrl+H > Hook to New Object


Thank you!

I hope to have some time soon to improve on this using object rotation as a basis or modifier should be straight forward and I have many other improvements I would like to implement.

(Gilles38) #71

Thank you proxe,
So I need as many hooks as vertexes in the lattice, as far as I understand ?
I was thinking to use the Animall add-on too but I am not familiar with it.


You can parent as many vertices to a single hook as needed, just select the ones you need when making the hook.

Assigning a vertex group & appropriate weights to each vert offers a way to control how much influence a hook has, for that to work add a hook manually to the lattice with a hook modifier creating vertex groups and assigning weights as needed.

(Gilles38) #73

OK thank you,
After a quick test, it looks like that when scaling the lattice down or up, hooks don’t follow the vertices. Did I missed something?


Hooks wouldn’t follow, the verts are parented to the hook, if the hook also followed it would create a dependency cycle.

(Gilles38) #75

OK, so if I don’t use empties, how do I come back to the original lattice after having moved vertices ? I would rather not use shape keys if I can avoid. Is there a way to do that?
Thanks again


Not that I am aware of.

(PolyGreen) #77

is this add-on still suported ? looks very useful and faster then the regular method of creating a lattice.

(Michael Knubben) #78

Any news? :wink:

(Weisl) #79

I am using this addon for some time now :smiley: It is great! Thank you.


Fast lattice is still on my radar, I have been actively developing HOps / BoxCutter, and KIT OPS "Smart Inserts" alongside my own Tools, so I have been very busy.

It may be taking longer then I had hoped however I do see a parting in the clouds coming up, and should be able to sneak some work in :wink: