Addon For BEVEL in 2.59

Here is the addon for bevel:

Seems to work quite well, thank you. :slight_smile:
Would it be complicated to code a recursive one?

very nice addon. I’m curious though - is it possible to make a bevel that does not introduce triangles? Or is that a mathematical impossibility?

Would it be possible for you to post the code in this forum, I don’t have winzip.

And 7-zip?

Nice script! Thanks!

can you please add recursive? so that we can do more then one bevel at once.

oops I feel stupid for not knowing that. I can code in c++ but didn’t know how to extract lol go figure.

I found out something neat about this addon…

  1. Add a cylinder to the scene… with endcaps checked. (go into edit mode)

  1. select the top vert

  1. press gointo specials menu “w” or “ctrl W” if you use my Super Maya keymaps, press “bevel”
    increase in the bevel distance in the blender toolshelf “t” should be at the bottom,
  2. results


nice! :smiley: I liked the addon but I was under the impression you could move the cursor to increase/decrease the bevel. like that inset extrude addon.

I built blender yesterday, and tried to install this addon. when doing so it was the only one in my addon list all the others disappeared. need updating?

this happens with the chromoly bevel but not with the other one

sorry for my unknowing, but what is bonus on this addon compare to bevel modifier?
anyway i would like to see also options like multi edge loops or result without tris :slight_smile:

but what i understand, since we can bewel only one edge it is not possible without tris, right?

My main problem are not triangles, but the sharp point in a corner if i use bevel twice.

One older Bevel Modifier used several nice features

Hard to see corners result from this video (and be careful sound in video is damage, play directly from 2:00 minute)

Yep, at the moment we get a much nicer bevel effect by subsurfing the model, applying the modifier and deleting unwanted edge loops.
A lot of work indeed for a simple bevel effect. :-/

any answers if the bevel addon can be updated to do without triangles and to have recursive?

i think a lot of blender users would donate money if this would be added.

GreaaaaT !! After long time waiting , at least I get the bevel tool again !! Good work !! Better if there is recursive system as in 2.42, that not only simple edge bevel, but there is a slider of how many times the bevel applied… ^^

this script(bevel verts)is broken for bmesh when you try to bevel a vert like shown in the pictures above…

this is the error it gives, when you try to bevel a vert on the end of a cylinder.’, line 147, in invoke self report(type=‘ERROR’,message=Nothing is selected")

TypeError: with keyword argument “type” - , Function. type expected a set, not a str
location:<unknown location>:-1

Does the bmesh bevel tool work ?

not like this on verts