Addon for Facetracking / no blendshapes needed

Hey, why is there no addon anyone made yet for simple facetracking in the fashion of facefilters that require no blendshapes (like a steady mask)? I know there are addons for C4D and it’s a very common used thing artists are looking for these days. I know you can track faces in the motion tracking Editor with painting markers on the face IRL, but its a bit laggy especially when it comes to stron head movements. I have done this a bunch of times, and still it is very time consuming to create very simple facetrackings over a longer animation.

Also the “create camera Scene” function in the camera solve panel rather outputs a camera path to follow the tracking instead of the Trackers moving on a path around the camera. This is also a bit of unintuitiv, since you have to parent the world scene lighting onto the camera for realisitc lightning.
I know it’s probably on purpose to create a camera track so it is easier to have the tracked face/object steady for animation purposes, but still i believe by now there should be an easy way to create an addon in the fashion of “factracker from keentools” or “spark ar”. keentools is only in beta for “facebuilder” and it will cost so much once released.

anyone knows about anything? it doesnt need to be free, but keentools just too expensive even for freelance artists.