[Addon] Frame hotkeys

This addon adds hotkeys to:

  • Play animation cycles/loops frame by frame, forwards or backwards, within the Start / End or preview ranges.

  • Increase and decrease frame rate by 5 (which might not be useful if you usually work at 24 fps)

  • Activate preview range

  • Cycle through actions automatically setting the preview range for each one.

HOTKEYS work only at Timeline, Graph and Dopesheet Editor. (you can change them at input settings)

  • 1/2 (frame rate down/up)
  • Q (activates Preview range)
  • W/E (previous/next frame)
  • D/F (previous/next action)

The plan for the next update is to implement a “Cyclic Time Bar”, so we can drag the timeline and we reach the end frame, jump to the first frame and keep going as long as we hold the mouse.



0.3 : Added Previous/Next Action hotkeys.