[Addon] Full Screen Icon


Very simple Addon. Add icon for all view to fullscreen.

FullScreenIcon.zip (1.12 KB)

Update to 0.2

  • “shift + space” for fullscreen
  • icon work for fullscreen

Please enjoy. :slight_smile:


man you can’t believe how long I’ve wanted this. I hate seeing the border of my window and my startmenu when I’m working in blender.

Found a bug with you addon. Blender crashes when I add an icosphere and then try and change the subdivisions from 2 to 3 in the T menu. I have no understanding of python code or any code for that matter, so I have no idea why this would happen. The problem went away when I disabled ur addon.

@BrentNewton thx for your comment. I check this, and in my Blender 2.68 and 2.69RC it’s everything works fine.
On nad Off addon and add icosphere, change the subdivisions, all it’s ok.

Can you give me information about your Blender version?

Brent: this just adds a button to functionality that’s been there for a long time. If the addon doesn’t work, just press alt-F11 or go to Window>Toggle Fullscreen.

Yeah I feel like a dumbass for not knowing that after years of using blender it can be put into fullscreen mode. I’m using 2.69, but its a release candidate version. Might have jumped the gun a bit. Thought I was getting 2.69 before it was released. Yeah its a strange thing floo. I am sure it was caused by the addon but even with my limited understanding of code (zero) I don’t know why it would cause that. Maybe it didn’t cause it. Who knows. I think I’m going to revert back to 2.68a.

Thanks for the lesson though. I probably would have gone on irritated with blender for years without figuring that out.

@BrentNewton try the update. Maybe not work better.