[Addon] Gears 2.0 (WIP)

is there any new version working in 2.71

and can It do ‘crossed’ helical gear


version 0.0.6 is the latest and it works fine in 2.71 (but don’t forget to enable ‘Auto run Python scripts’ in File -> User preferences… -> File otherwise the drivers won’t work).

It can’t do crossed helicals automatically but you could try connecting two helical gears and setting the flip value of the second one to 90 degrees. You have to figure out the helical angles yourself though and I don’t think it gives very good results (also because the teeth of connected helical gears won’t mesh very well if the follow a straight spiral).

ok got it working from the addon folder
anyway to not have the animation activated and get only the gears?

if I try to start it from the text editor I cannot see it in the add mesh menu !
does it means the only way to run is from the addon folder and with auto run?

I was hoping to get these crossed gears !
anyway will try it and see if I can get something more or less realist !

did a test and not certain but don’t think it is realist for teeth meshing


Blender 2.73 introduced a breaking change in the Python BMesh API. I fixed gears20.py to comply and the new version (0.0.7) is available on GitHub. Should work with older versions too but I haven’t tested it extensively.


– Michel.

Thanks, mate!

Nice script
IS there anyone still working on it?; I’d like some little changes

@gikam: I am not actively working on it but I might take it up again if it is interesting enough :slight_smile:

What kind of changes did you have in mind?

interesting, someone just posted this version also: https://developer.blender.org/T51838

I’d like a worm with 1 tooth