[Addon] - group_layer

I Created Outliner group like layer Addon.

Blender 2.8 plans to implement an infinite layer function.
However, as I thought that it could be realized with the current group function,
I created this add-on.

In this add-on, 1 object has 1 groups.
This behaves like a layer.
Target all objects in the scene.
Even if the layer is hidden it is OK.

● Add object with no group to ‘_root’.
● all remove group and Create new group.
● move to active object group.
● all remove group.

! root_group must create _root group beforehand.

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gumroad - Blender Add-on:group_layer

↓ download ↓
GitHub - group_layer.py

There were some problems when using Outliner’s group list like a layer.
Firstly, it was a problem that one object could have multiple groups.
We solved the problem by always excluding it from all groups beforehand and creating a new group.
Next, we could not see an object without a group in the outliner’s group list.
The problem was solved by grouping all objects that do not have a group in the “_root” group.

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But where is the link, please?:rolleyes:

Wooot woot is this black magic!?! You sir have made a huge favor for the community I hope this will replace the odd layering system they are trying to patch together in 2.8 Foldering stuff have always been happening in outliner always its just common sense.

Ok I tried this and I’m convinced best blender addon 2017 hoping to get it in trunk!

I’m sorry!
The link disappeared while I was repeatedly editing.
I fixed the link again.

Will be nice to be able to assign “Custom properties” and materials to each group, so basically all the objects that are inside a group to inherit the materials/properties that are specified for that group. Hopefully will be possible to add this feature. Something like CAD packages (like Qcad) are dealing with the entities grouped in layers.

Nice. Thanks

-Does this addon allow for an “infinite number” of group layers?

-Will parenting of group layers still work if the parent is not initially named ‘_root’?
At present, what does this _root achieve in the advised setup?

-Does this addon allow for “z-index”, “4th dimension” stacking of objects inside group layers?