[Addon] Hair conductor Blender 2.8

I recently completed the Hair conductor addon.
Working version for blender 2.8.

This add-on allows you to create hair (fake) based on your geometry. Using your mesh, divided into strands and materials, he builds the hair.

Due to the small capabilities of the blender api for hair particles, I was unable to implement a private particle system. But you can create bezier curves (having a volume to render) or a geometry mesh (which you can snap to the skeleton) and hair skeleton bones.

For deforming hair, a deformer shelf is available where you can add and modify * offset modifiers for the hair.

Work examples





Now i added a description of the main things of the add-on to the GitHub readme

I just had the thought of adding my addon to the blender build. But I think that it will not be soon …

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