[Addon] Image Channel Splitter (save image channels to single channel grayscale imgs)

Blender Image Channel Splitter

Splits and saves image channels to individual single channel grayscale images.

Direct link to file
Github Repo

If the addon finds the Pillow(PIL) python module it will use it,
if not it will use blender api.
Pillow version is much faster and uses a lot less RAM.

A warning!!

If you do not have enough RAM, Blender api version may be not usable for textures bigger than 3K.

It takes 10-50 seconds to process images and it may use a lot of RAM for the time period.
(After that it frees the RAM.)

2K textures uses ~1GB RAM
3K textures uses ~2.5GB RAM
and grows exponantial-ish-ly.

How to install Pillow to Blender?