Addon Installation Issues

There are two blender addons that I would very much like to have. In both cases I can’t get them to install.

1- Instant Meshes:
I click, file/user preferences/addons tab/install from file, then I select the zip file of and I have done what they say to do with the

2- FreeCloth:
This is also a .zip file and I use the same path to install from file as above.

What doesn’t happen is that after I click on install from file nothing happens. This has led me to surf around forums to try to find out why and how to get addons to actually install. The forums then usually give coding responses I don’t really understand with scripts and stuff. I have looked in the windows/toggelsystemcontrols that opens the other blender window and I see the error code.

Modules Installed from ‘C:\Users\kelly\Downloads\’ into ‘C:\Users\kelly\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.72\scripts\addons’ ()
<!> event has invalid window

That’s as far as I have gotten. I know just enough to get this far but no futher.

So if there is a layman’s solution or someone can guide me thru getting these addons to actually install I would really appreciate it.

Do I have to learn how to do coding or something in the systemcontrol window to get this to install? Some forums have said something about setting the path to the .zip files or changing the extension to .py or something???

Please help me understand in simple terms what to do next.

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I hate to laugh at you ,but this is funny, LOL. Instant Meshes isn’t a addon for blender, it’s a separate program. There is a addon called “instant mesher”. that links to Instant Meshes.