addon installation problem

hello, while trying to install the Add-on v1.3: MeasureIt - measurement Tools…
I can see only “3D view : measure Panel” to tick… and a yellow warning sing behind…
no “measure it” reference at all :frowning:
somebody knows what s happened?
thanks in advance



If You have the zip file…I think You just have to select the .Zip
You don’t have to unpack it.


thanks, that worked out fine…
now this Shows up, even after deleting unnecessary .py files
PS what does this litttle “dancing man” stands for?


running , it is a tiny icon of a person running

also you might want to do your self a big favor
DO NOT save things to the desktop
some of us will not even touch a Microsoft computer that has half a million unused and no longer needed setup(1).exe ,serup(2).exe installer(3).exe on the desktop with a 10 foot pole

you use your HOME folder
even microsoft has a “Downloads” folder
they even went so far as to MAKE it “library”

so you can not know the REAL location but have it all together


He Dancing because He is Happy the Addon work well…:slight_smile:

The Other Icon tell - There can be a problem with the Addon…

I’m a Newbie so take this with a grain of salt…It’s for windows…I use daily builds it’s Zip file…They don’t need to be installed.
There are a blender-app.exe file in the Dir You unpack it to…I don’t use My c:/ I use another drive…Blender Use a temp Dir on
C:/ - It is - C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.74\scripts\addons.

You can delete the Addons Folder…Blender rebuild it when You start Blender…Or rename it or take a copy…:slight_smile:

As You see in Your picture…It say Multiple Addons use the same name found !!..That’s the problem.
But with a clean addons folder and Blender rebuild it should fix the problen I think…He he

If You want to see the console Message…Go Menu line - Windows - toggle system console…Puff Puff

Damn Hope I’m right.

Sorry JohnW…I don’t agree with You…:slight_smile:
I think the Desktop is a good place to save Temp file…Just remember to Delete them when installed Cheers…:slight_smile:

Ups…Forgot to say maybe You have to install some of Your old addons…Those Blender don’t have.
So Copy Your Addons Folder…If You have to install again.

As I said I’m a Noob…Maybe some have a better way…


thanks again Tai and JohnW , really appreciate it