Addon Installing "Error: fake_module:"

Hi all,

I am trying to install an addon to export models to Minetest.
I tried installing the addon file:, but I don’t see it available inside Prefs/Addons from within Blender. Neither it is available when going in File/Export/
I have tried it both ways:
Using the “install from file…” button), and
by manually putting the file in the addons folder.
Either way it won’t show in the File/Export menu. For both .py files :frowning:
I am running Blender in Ubuntu Studio 16.04 btw.
I have tried Blender 2.77, and 2.71.
The only reason I tried 2.71 is because it was recommended in the instructions to use Blender for Minetest.

Excerpt from the Terminal:
" fake_module: addon missing ‘bl_info’ gives bad performance!: ‘/home/javier/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons/’
Modules Installed from ‘/home/javier/Applications/blender-2.77a/’ into ‘/home/javier/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons’ ()

After linking to external pages to Mineset, telling about “recommendations” and linking again to some pages and naming python script you use - could you link from where you did download the script instead?

This does not cause anything mentioned in your Terminal error messages while exporting Cube from Blender 2.77

Thanks for replying eppo.
I added a link to the source of the python script.

batFINGER from suggested to check the file’s code.
Somehow it had more HTML & CSS tags/coding than it had Python coding.
The solution was:

  1. Avoid right-clicking on the add-on file link, to choose “Save link as…”.
  2. And just click on the same link so that it shows its code. Then copy all the code into a non-formatted text file, and change its extension to .py

When github code link is clicked, on the page which opens, right side, there’s a button “Raw”. File, Save As from this view saves proper python code, no HTML or CSS is present. Saved file automatically has an extension .py, proper code indenting is kept.
Saving code link directly using Save As will save all hypertext markup which is not what you’d want to feed into Blender.